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Thread: DVD Ripper Help

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    DVD Ripper Help

    Hey all,
    I need some help.
    My wife wants to start ripping some DVD's of ours and burn them on our DVD burner drive.
    The problem is that i had to do a system restore on my PC not too long ago and my copy of DVD decrpytor vanished.

    What i am asking is what you all think is the best freeware DVD ripper out there? Also, What is the best ripper (either free or shareware or buy) out on the market? This needs to be the easiest to use. Quite Literally just plop the DVD in and the program takes over. Then pop the blank disc burn it using Easy DVD Creator. Please help my wife is "lovingly" nagging me about this.
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    Re: DVD Ripper Help

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    Re: DVD Ripper Help

    Personally, I use DVD Shrink to make copies of discs... it allows you to remove the bits you dont want, like audio streams and such...


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