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    Like custom ringtones?

    I have a program I want to recommend for anyone that likes to have custom ringtones. I was looking online and I found this GREAT program that will allow you to make a custom ringtone from just about anything you have in your music folder. Its called Xingtone at its availabel for demo at

    The demo will let you upload 10 free ringtones to start. The user interface is extrememly easy to use and it lets you pick any segment from the song as well as adding fades. I have been making ringtones from a bunch of my favorite songs for my phone. They give you a link to a program that will rip audio from a DVD so you can use your favorite line of dialogue from your favorite movie too!

    The program is $20 after that but if you figure that the average ringtone is $2.49 ,and they never have exactly what you want, its a steal. The program registers your phone number and what phone it is, but if you have the same phone and service as someone else, you can forward them the TM with the link to the ringtone.

    I am really enjoying this so I wanted to share. I am not affiliated with this program so YMMV.
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    Re: Like custom ringtones?

    A free option as well is ToneThis - they also support wallpapers and videos which is nice.

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    Re: Like custom ringtones? is also another free option that I use a lot.. sometimes it takes awhile to send to your phone because so many other people are using it as well, but you can just go about your day after you start to upload the tone and you'll get it eventually

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    Thumbs up Re: Like custom ringtones?

    I make my custom ringtones at It's super-easy, there is no software to download, they've got a nifty flash trimmer that makes it really easy to get just the right part of the song. It's not free: the first one is free, but after that it's $1.50. Not bad considering the price of a normal ringtone, or the cost of a data cable or Xingtone.


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    Re: Like custom ringtones?

    I have a data cable for my phone and use BitPim to get stuff on and off my phone. There is a ringtone maker in the program, but I use a MP3 cutter before hand to make uploading easier.

    BitPim is free, and I got my cable for about $20 through amazon.
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    Re: Like custom ringtones?

    I. too, have bitpim. Not only does it work for ringtones, but I can easily transfer pictures in and out of my phone.
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