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    Free Disneyland fonts

    Hey, I looked at but I kept getting prices for WDW fonts. I lost my fonts when my laptop died and I need to replace them. I think I got them from, but I can't find them on the site either...HELP!
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    Re: Free Disneyland fonts

    VF got rid of theirs since the fonts are copyright of Disney (at least that is what Chris was saying.)

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    Re: Free Disneyland fonts

    You can check out this link for several free fonts. This probably doesn't have as many as you had before but it is a start.

    I have been editing some of our home videos from Disneyland and I have been searching for ride fonts so if I come by any others I'll be happy to let you know.
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    Re: Free Disneyland fonts

    You could also check out Font Freak. Not sure if they have Disney, but they have lots of great other fonts - and they're all free!

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    Re: Free Disneyland fonts

    There's and - both have free and pay fonts available.

    Search for 'Disney', you'll get some hits

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