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    iBook G4 Issues!

    All of a sudden yesterday, my iBook wouln't recognize/mount DVD-R's...its been mounting them fine and burning on them totally fine up until yesterday. Nothing has been changed and i'm stumped. They appear in The Disk Utility program, but will not mount, and it says theres an error in the disk. I'v tried different kinds of disks, DVD+R's, DVD-RW's, CD-R's ect and NONE work
    But DVD's/CD's with moves and programs work. I have a appointment with a Genius Bar Rep at the local apple store tommorow, any one have any ideas?

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    Re: iBook G4 Issues!

    I've only had that problem on my PC, not my Mac.

    Good luck and let us know what it was!

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    Re: iBook G4 Issues!

    My PC has never mounted a DVD or CD in it's life!

    I am Sambo, and I endorse this signature.

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