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    Picture Hosting

    Does anyone know of any sites that have free picture hosting and has no limit?? I have photobucket and it has an 1000 pictures limit. all i would like to do is share my pictures without having to delete any. Thanks.

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    Re: Picture Hosting

    Hmm, most require a yearly fee but I recommend Webshots. They offer a limit of 1000 photos but then give you 100 more each month your a member. The interface is very user friendly and you can link them directly into the boards just like Photobucket.

    Here is the comparison list to see what you get with a membership.

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    Re: Picture Hosting

    Make another account? I haven't reached my limit yet, but that's what I'll probably do when I do.

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    Re: Picture Hosting

    LOL! That's what I did. I have 2 Photobucket accounts. One for me and one for Wonderpup. I have so many email addresses I could probably open several more.

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