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    1GB Shuffle now $49, 2GB $69

    Hold off on buying an iPod shuffle for now. The price is dropping and a new larger one is on its way.

    Apple on Tuesday shuffled (har, har) its lineup of matchbook-size digital music players, announcing a new iPod Shuffle with double the storage space and slashing the price of its 1GB models to $49.

    Apple dropped the price of its 1GB iPod Shuffle to $49 and said it'll start selling 2GB models for $69 later this month.
    (Credit: Apple)
    The 2GB version of the screenless flash memory-based player will cost $69 and be available for sale later this month, Apple said in a statement. That's less than the previous price for a new 1GB model, at $79. (Apple has, however, been selling refurbished 1GB Shuffles for $49 in recent months.)
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    Re: 1GB Shuffle now $49, 2GB $69

    Figures. I bought the BF a Shuffle last year for his birthday.

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    Re: 1GB Shuffle now $49, 2GB $69

    Awsome, I just bought a 1GB. Cheap. I am the Computer Genius.

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