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Thread: TDL June 2008

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    TDL June 2008

    there's no way I can do a TR about this. I was way too excited to remember everything. All I know is I was glad I went, wish I had more days to fully explore this part and TDS and that TDL completely owns the anahaim park (which i LOVE btw)

    so i'll just post random photos from my day there...

    oh and i was dumb and left my DSLR at the hotel, leaving me with lesser quality photos from my friend's digital camera...=( guess that means I gotta come back to get BETTER photos next time

    here's me enjoying jack's salami...haahahahah

    omg you don't know how excited I was to see VILLAINS featured in a show...this was One Man's Dream I believe

    the alice in wonderland restaurant....we were going to eat here, but ran out of time =( but man the design of this restaurant is pure genius! my friend and i being HUGE alice in wonderland fans were in pure bliss and *applauds the designers*

    sexy latin styles! lol from the Minnie! Oh Minnie! show

    omg even the balloons are cute!

    I'll post more later ^^
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    oh hai~~ *face fills with happiness*

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    Re: TDL June 2008

    Nice pictures
    Check out my page at

    Check out my pin collection at User name is WheresMickey

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    Re: TDL June 2008

    I like that you posted pictures of things that mostly go unnoticed, like the young and cute Minnie O' Minnie lead singer.
    Just one thing.. you mentioned something about TDS and TDL owning DL... well. I know what you mean. But to avoid confusion... Oriental Land Company owns Tokyo Disney Resort. Budget-cuts happy Walt Disney Co. owns the US Disney parks. That is the reason why TDR blows them out of the water.

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    Re: TDL June 2008

    Some nice pictures so far

    Good caption for first picture too.
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