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    Quote Originally Posted by stalking lily chou-chou
    When you say "the needs of the Japanese", what do you mean? The cute factor?
    Not the cute factor but their *needs* (although cuteness is a part of that to some extent)... For example... you will find a lot of "omiyage" which are food items prepackaged for gift giving, or cellphone assesories which are the rage with Japanese...etc etc... and *that* is what I meant by items taylored to their needs.

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    I lived in the Brighton in Shin Urayasu for 2 months and the Hilton Tokyo Bay for 7 months. I've also been in the Hilton Shinjuku. All 3 are top hotels. I prefer the Hilton Tokyo Bay. It is very close, the staff's English is great, they are VERY courteous and helpful (as most Japanese are), the rooms are large, the food is great. You have to get the bay view though. The park view rooms are smaller due to the shape of the hotel and you really just get a view of the parking lot with TDL in the distance.
    One note- don't expect to use the pool even if it is summer. It is open for a very short time in the year and only when they are ready. It can be 98 outside and the pool is still waiting for "Grand Open". Usually mid July.

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    You lived there? Did or do you work for Disney?

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