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    Re: After the 25th Anniversary

    Today being the anniversary and the first day of the 26th, I walked around to see what was still remaining from the 25th.

    First thing I noticed getting off the train was that the music has been changed back to "zippidee do da".

    Ikspiari and the Welcome Center 25th banners were removed.

    25th banners remained on the train station roof supports.

    The 25th stickers on the Resort Line remained.

    All the 25th decorations are gone from the walkway from the station to TDL.

    The decorations on the ticket booths are gone.

    The main 25th display in front of the World Bazaar entrance was gone, but the decorations around the entrance to the World Bazaar remained.

    All the stores and their exteriors appeared to have their 25th decorations removed.

    The Castle Forecour decorations were all gone, but the castle decorations remained.

    All Cast Member nametags have returned to the generic Mickey Mouse oval tag with just the CM names.

    I guess since they exended everything for the 25th to the last possible day, there was not enough time to remove everything. Maybe that and the heavy rains overnight.

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    Re: After the 25th Anniversary

    "Rocky" is a huge hit at the gift shops!!! He is so cute... reminds me of my partner, with all that red hair.

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    Re: After the 25th Anniversary

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeInJpn View Post
    Rocky is a character created by Pixar for the TDL attraction and OLC hopes everyone buys a lot of Rocky merchandise. Hehehe.
    In the Disney Fan magazine (in the merchandise pages), I read something about Rocky being only at this attraction, but I didn't know the details of Pixar creating him for the attraction.

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