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    Tokyo DisneySea - Tower of Terror and More

    A huge update full of awesome pictures of Tokyo DisneySea can be found at [Link to unauthorized site removed] this week, with many of them showing off the queue of the unique Tower of Terror as well as a ton of incredible night shots.

    http://www.[Link to unauthorized site removed].net/updates.php?updateCD=072209

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    Re: Tokyo DisneySea - Tower of Terror and More

    Thanks for the link to [Link to unauthorized site removed]. The shots are great, but they are only the tip of the iceburg from what Tokyo Disney Sea has to offer.

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    Question Re: Tokyo DisneySea - Tower of Terror and More

    Nice photos. Especially the fireplace one - I that! One of the comments says the CMs frown on queue photos, though. I have never experienced that. They do tend to discourage photos in areas like the office with Shiriki Utundu, only because it could easily distract from other Guests' experience.

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