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    DisneyLand Trips for Women in Tokyo

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Laura and I am from Scotland. I live and work in Tokyo though and I have a disneyland year pass. I am looking for other women to go to disneyland with some evenings. Is anyone interested?

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    Re: DisneyLand Trips for Women in Tokyo

    Ichigopara would probably be interested in joining you from time to time. Good luck!
    This is funny.. of sorts... but the other day I saw a book at Maruzen with the title.. "Why Women Love Tokyo Disney Resort so much". There should be a version called "Why Gay Men love TDR so Much" as well for us disney loving gay fans like moi.

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    Re: DisneyLand Trips for Women in Tokyo

    Hello Laura!
    My name is Patricia and I'm from America living in Shinurayasu. I will meet with you but it would have to be on the weekend so my son can stay with his father. Do you have a DisneySea pass? What do you like to do at Disneyland? It will be nice to meet you!

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    Re: DisneyLand Trips for Women in Tokyo

    I don't have a year pass (shame, shame...) but I am a woman and I would love to have other women to go with! (My boyfriend gets tired of going and putting up with my continuous excitement!)

    :-D If you need someone else to tag along, I'd love to join in. :-D
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