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    Re: TDR Park Tickets Question ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ICe101 View Post
    I think it is completely fair that you should be rewarded for staying on property when you vacation to the parks.
    Agreed and from a business stand point it makes sense, you want to cater to those who are going to spend the most amount of money and give them perks to entice them to spend more. Disney or the OLC wouldnt build these hotels unless it will be profitable to them. Whether its what you define as a cheapo hotel or premium hotel at wdw , it still offers the perks and in general staying on property the guests are inclined to spend more money... Magic mornings are a great incentive for the guests and it nominally takes away from the other guests experiences , they generally limit which attractions are open and those who are at park opening still are able to take advantage of smaller lines right at park opening as opposed to the afternoon crazyness of all parks

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    Re: TDR Park Tickets Question ?

    I wholeheartedly welcome freebies and perks!

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    Re: TDR Park Tickets Question ?

    I was at the Sheraton this week ($90/day with cash & points) and there were no EMH offered.

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