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    Loomis Goes Back to TDL - 29th December 2009 Trip & Photo Report

    Hi folks,

    Another quick trip report.

    Park was absolutely packed yesterday. Went almost exactly this time last year, and promised myself "never again". Never say never, I guess. Got there at 7:30 am for a 8am opening, and there were already thousands in the queue. Trend continued inside. Went straight to Winnie the Pooh (believe it or not, I have never been on this unique ride system in TDL) and the wait was already 60 minutes. Got a Fastpass for 10:10 to 11:10 (it changed three times in the course of my 5 minute lineup for a ticket).

    Story was the same everywhere: Monsters Inc. had a 2 hour + wait by the time I made it over there at 8:30, and a 200 minute wait by just after 9:30. Fastpasses were gone for the rest of the day. Even the Popcorn stands had 30 minute queues. Managed to get a Fastpass for BTMRR - for 17:10 to 18:10!

    The day was not a loss though: POTC had a big line, but dropped by the afternoon so that we were able to ride it twice. Also managed to get on the Railroad, the Mark Twain, the aforementioned Winnie the Pooh and Star Tours (virtually a walk on)! Thank heavens for Micro Adventure, which has a line that moves like lightning. Also took the time to enjoy the ambience and do a few things (Swiss Family Robinson, shop!) that we didn't do as much last time. Enjoyed both parades (Jubiliation, Electric) before returning to our temporary "home" in Kichijoji.

    All in all, I think we made the most of an insanely busy day.

    Here are some photos for your visual pleasure. Hope you enjoy them, and the full set is here:

    Picasa Web Albums - Richard - Tokyo Disneyl...

    (Having a few dust problems with the camera, please forgive quality).

    The line for Jungle Cruise!

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    Re: Loomis Goes Back to TDL - 29th December 2009 Trip & Photo Report

    Happy New Year, Loomis!

    Thanks for reporting back!

    Dust? Not much evidence of that from the pictures. I think they
    came out quite nice.

    Hope that you had a nice trip back home.

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    Re: Loomis Goes Back to TDL - 29th December 2009 Trip & Photo Report

    Thank you for sharing your TR and photos. I think the photos came out great. Im glad the crowds didn't put a damper on your day. Looks like you got a lot done even though it was very busy.

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    Re: Loomis Goes Back to TDL - 29th December 2009 Trip & Photo Report

    Those are some great photos, Loomis, I can't see any dust. I like the quality of the pictures though, it must be a nice camera.

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