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    Wishful thinking - 3rd gate in TDR.

    I would love to see Disney and Square Enix get together and create a park based on Kingdom Hearts. The lands would be a no-brainer, just base them off of the movies featured in the games. Destiny Islands! Hollow Bastion! Traverse Town! Imagine the rides: Gummi Ship! Imagine the merchandise: Build your own keyblade! Imagine the food: pau pau fruit parfait!!! I'm just dreaming, but wouldn't Japan be the best place for something like this?

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    Re: Wishful thinking - 3rd gate in TDR.

    Nice idea!

    I'm a huge fan of the series as well! We can then eat sea-salt ice-cream (the blue one, not the TDS one)

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    Re: Wishful thinking - 3rd gate in TDR.

    Would there also be lands based off of the Characyers (I.E. Halloweentown Pride Lands, Dragon Land

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    Re: Wishful thinking - 3rd gate in TDR.

    If it has a Halloweentown land area, then I'm all for it.

    one hundred and one

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    Re: Wishful thinking - 3rd gate in TDR.

    Now that the walt disney company owns Marvel , who knows maybe Oriental land company can get a licensing agreement that will allow them to open all marvel park... I would say thats a safe bet or a purely a all villians park... Either way with OLC;s track record in good budgets and the imagineers not letting us down with TDS either a villians park or marvels park would be good choices with me!

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