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    quick question about MSEP

    Is the Main Street Electrical Parade a permanent fixture at Tokyo Disneyland? Does it operate during Christmas season? Is there any times when it does not operate or possibility of them not running it? My wife and kids and I missed Summer Nighttastic by 5 days at Disneyland last summer (though we did see the special fireworks with Dumbo and Tinkerbell) and I have yet to see a MSEP.

    I really hope it operates in Tokyo in November!

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    Re: quick question about MSEP

    I'm pretty sure it runs year round in Tokyo. I've been there during July and October and it ran both times -- and it's great!

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    Re: quick question about MSEP

    They do have a Christmas verison of Dreamlights in TDL that usually begins around 11/7, but this past year they started on 11/10- probably due to the 7th falling on a weekend, which it does again this year.

    The official site hasn't posted dates yet- but it most likely will be that week between 11/7-11/12 that all the great Christmas Fantasy and Harborside Christmas stuff begins.

    you can check out the official site at

    Their version Dreamlights of the MSEP is much much longer than the DCA version or the original Disneyland versions.

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    Re: quick question about MSEP

    Unlike the Walt Disney Company, the OLC runs their main shows year round (except for annual maintenance again.) The only time it does not run is basically all of January, when it is down time for the floats.

    But from February until the end of the New Years Festivities, it runs, every night, once a night, weekend, or weekday.

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