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    Another fastpass question (sorry!)

    I'm thinking it would be a good idea to send husband to get a Monster's fastpass, while child and me go straight to Pooh's ride. Would that work? Or could we get our fastpass for Monster's and all go together to Pooh. How quick does the queue build up?

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    Re: Another fastpass question (sorry!)

    Yes, we did something like that. Except you may want to switch the order, go to Monster's Inc. first (that line tends to get full faster) and send your husband to Pooh for fast passes. Just be careful, as I recall when we were there you can only get 1 fast pass at a time, and they lock you out from getting another until the expiry time.

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    Re: Another fastpass question (sorry!)

    It seems most run to get the Monsters Inc fastpass first- where, at times the wait to get the fastpass, can be the same or even longer than the wait time for that attraction itself. If you are there at opening- I would suggest waiting & riding if it is under an hour wait- every time I've done that- I was able to ride, then when I got off the attraction- fastpass was still avail for the end of the day between 9 & 10p.

    If you get on line- you can have someone run to get the Pooh fastpass & join you on line- since most likely, you'll still be outside the attraction- The Japanese usually don't appreciate line cutting, but if they see you are with someone on line, it may be ok- but I've seen it done many many times, but really aren't too sure if it's the proper thing to do.

    Now, maybe I lucked out since it wasn't too incredibly busy the days I went.

    Monsters Inc fastpass will run out much faster than Pooh- but still Pooh may be gone by noon. One thing you may try is going during a parade time to ride pooh where standby may be less- but that's if the parade is running twice & you've seen it already- Also something I've done in the past is watching the parade where it starts-between Dumbo & the Mansion- then quickly head over to Pooh & get on line before the parade reaches that point- you may get lucky.

    Pooh wait times are much less in the evenings than during the day.

    I wouldn't suggest trying Monsters Inc in the evening since they have been cutting off the standby lines as much as an hour before park closing & allowing only those with fastpasses.

    I don't know how many days you are going- but if you will be at TDL alone for 2 days- why bother with the headach- just see Pooh one day & Monsters the other day.

    Don't stress out- just have fun

    One last thing about fastpass- If you get a fastpass for a particular attraction- you can't get another for the same attraction till the fastpass time has passed for the first one- but if you have a fastpass for one attraction, you should be able to get a fastpass for a different attraction about 2 hours later if I remember correctly.
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    Re: Another fastpass question (sorry!)

    Run like hell to Monster's Inc and ride it immediately: you should be out of the building in 40 minutes tops. Go immediately to Pooh and get a FastPass, then head to another attraction and ride it. Get another FastPass if you can, otherwise ride another attraction, then get a second FastPass. Continue in this fashion, saving your FastPasses for later in the day when the standby lines are too long to allow you to ride anything.
    I've never had someone run to get a Pooh FastPass while I got on the line for Monster's Inc. I've seen lots of people getting into the line to meet up with others, however. But there's no guarantee you'll still be outside the Monster's Inc. building when your friend with the Pooh FastPasses returns--then you'll be SOL.

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    Re: Another fastpass question (sorry!)

    I'm thinking if I walk to Monsters (we will have two toddlers) while my husband runs to Pooh for the FPs we will probably have a good chance of him catching up with us in the line before we ride Monsters. We'll give it a go anyway.

    Thanks for the advice Two months today until we go!!!
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