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    Question Back to Disneyland Tokyo

    Hi folks...

    Need a little advice from people who know the TDL routine please. Two years ago this December my wife (then fiancee) and I were in Tokyo and took a day to visit TDL. The park was reasonably quiet-ish and we saw a bit of the proper TDL then went to DisneySeas and had a blast (best park I've been in by a mile).

    Last year on honeymoon we were in Tokyo again in December (we're junkies for the place...can't cope without visiting yearly) and went to TDL/DisneySeas for the day. Well...mostly Seas, but wanted the TDL ticket to go on one or two rides. It was a Thursday and it was PACKED OUT. 1-2 hour lines for everything

    So this year we'll be in Tokyo from 30th November to 3rd December, and we're headed for DisneySeas, but we do fancy Pooh's Honey Hunt and the Burton-ised Haunted Mansion.

    What'd be the best day of the week to visit? We're there from Wednesday to Saturday and we can go any day (but only one day, lots of "real" Tokyo to do too!)



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    Re: Back to Disneyland Tokyo

    There is really no slow day during the "Christmas Fantasy" events at TDL.. My best advise is for you to visit on weekdays, avoid weekends and national holidays during this period (of which I believe there may not be any holiday)... Xmas and Halloween events are quite popular. Get there before opening time so you can start taking advantage of your day as soon as the parks open.

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    Re: Back to Disneyland Tokyo

    You know it's really hard to tell when the perfect day to go is. Pick a weekday. The parks do really well with crowds and if you run the fastpasses effectively, you can have an enjoyable day even when it's crowded.

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