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    are 2 auditions back to back allowed??

    i asked the same question in another thread but decided to make my own, but im doing a face character audition for tokyo this monday and then a dance audition on wensday, i read somewhere that you have to wait 6 months in between each audition, is that true??? also what would be a good thing to wear to a dance and face character audition. i've gotten some mixed advice. im a ballerina so im used to tights and a leotard and am not familiar with any commercial auditions. im auditioning this monday and wensday in L.A. and im totally lost on who to be for a face character, im 5'3''. opinions??

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    Re: are 2 auditions back to back allowed??

    Yes you can do both auditions. The 6 month rule only applies at WDW in Florida I believe. For the face character audition I would just wear something you feel comfortable in to do a very simple dance in. Don't worry about what face character you look like though, because that is there job to figure out not yours.

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