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    Show info please!

    Could someone explain how the queuing for the shows work. Do they do fastpasses for these, or is it a first come first in sort of thing. I know someone has mentioned "lottery" tickets, are these for the shows? How do you go about getting these?

    Finally, not sure I'm up for every show, so what one would you recommend as not to be missed? I thought the Big Band one looked good.

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    Re: Show info please!

    So far Big Band Beat has been using the lottery system for tickets in TDS- you can go anytime during the day to try to get them- it's located right near the Venice area of the park. I'm sure you will see the line for it.

    One Man's Dream II uses the lottery in TDL & you can try for them by Space Mountain.

    They may not use them on less busy days & may be possible to line up for them on those days. But if they do, you can only enter the lottery system once a day for your party, which can really suck if you somehow manage to lose each day- then you have no chance- but I've been lucky many times.

    These two shows can change though- since if there is another big show performing in the park, they may not offer it for BBB or One Man's Dream thru the lottery system- you really have to check the guides while you're there.

    Many of the other shows & parades- unfortulately you have to wait & based on how busy the day is- you may have to get there early enough to get a good seat.

    Many of the Japanese wait several hours for shows and parades- I've seen them running for parade spots once the park opens and the parade is hours away. The good thing is that they make everyone sit down for the parades along the parade route- which makes it much easier for everyone to see- there are standing areas too, but back behind the seating areas- just watch that if you're too far back, the trend of putting kids on your shoulders is starting to kick in at the resort.

    I can't help you with the new Duffy show- that's completely new for me & I hope to see it in a few months.

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