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    Hilton Tokyo Bay - Bed Size?

    I noticed that the Hilton Tokyo Bay only has king or twin rooms. We were only able to reserve a room with twin beds but looking at the pictures online it looks more like the beds are double beds and not what I would consider a twin bed. Can anyone confirm who has stayed here.

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    Re: Hilton Tokyo Bay - Bed Size?

    The beds are either doubles or Queens. I think doubles. But you'll have two beds in the room so you and the hubby can each take one. Personally, I put all the crap I buy on the second bed!
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    Re: Hilton Tokyo Bay - Bed Size?

    We had a King in our room, but we also had a pull out sofa that was probably a double size. That might indicate that the 'twin' room have doubles... or it could be completely irrelevant!
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