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    Tokyo DisneySea today

    I took a daily look over at the Deep Disney website today. And came across to very unusual scenes at the DisneySea park. Both involving maintenance issues. But I was suprised to see them being worked on in full view of the park Guests. So it looks to me that neither was planned and had to be done as soonas possible.

    The first is under the tunnel as you enter the park passing under the Hotel Miracosta. It seems work was being done on the two light features in that area. Everything is roped off and a lot of people observing the work going on.

    The second strange image involves the Spirit of Fire " Prometeo " in full view during the day with a crew from Maintenance working on it.

    Can anyone share more detail on either picture?
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    Re: Tokyo DisneySea today

    I saw both maintenance problems in progress around 5:30pm when I entered the park. I was not all that pleased this was done in the open in full view of guests.. but by the time I left the park by 7;15pm.. both problems were fixed and maintenance people were MIA.

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