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    Narita Sky Access - Feasible for NRT to TDR?

    So does the new Narita Sky Access change anything in this comprehensive Mice Chat thread about routes from Narita to Tokyo Disney? I mean, is it now the best way, or just better than the old Keisei Skyliner? Or does it add too much complication with having to walk to Ueno Station and then get to Tokyo Station?

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    Re: Narita Sky Access - Feasible for NRT to TDR?

    I still think the best bet, for convenience, is planning your arrival time so that you can take a direct bus if you're planning to stay at one of the Maihama hotels. That does mean your overall travel time is affected by traffic, but it also means no transfers/luggage toting/thinking/hassle. If the timing works out, this seems easiest.

    Ueno is kind of a maze, so avoiding transferring there is wise for out-of-towners, I think, unless you enjoy that "conquest" feeling of successfully navigating in foreign countries. Some folks do, and if you're one of them, I imagine that getting through the hustle bustle of Ueno on your own would be very satisfying.

    N'EX to Tokyo, as Roger55 points out, offers a Suica card combo option. I agree with him that if I were travelling, this would be my choice. Suica can be used for traveling around Tokyo, Disney monorail, traveling outside Tokyo, and even shopping in convenience stores. Even with the JR Pass, Suica is useful for Tokyo Metro and other not-JR lines, like the TDR Liner. You can even put it in your scrapbook when you get home!^^ The N'EX to Keiyo/Musashino walk is probably about a ten minute trek on average, but it's filled with moving sidewalks and BIG TDR advertisements, plus lots of people coming and going to the parks with Disney bags in tow. It's almost like an extension of the airport journey, now Disney-themed. Even without air travel, I enjoy this feeling; it's like a lead-in to the park experience.^^

    I personally always either come by HATCHOBORI (home) or TOKYO (work). I strongly prefer TOKYO for that "Disney Concourse" vibe. With luggage it would probably be more comfortable than Hatchobori (or an Ueno transfer), and probably not "out of the way" for most Tokyo tourists.

    If your goal is to heighten the "Disney feeling," definitely come through Tokyo, so I think N'EX is still more convenient. Sky Access may be better than Skyliner, but I still think N'EX/Suica is the best of the typical train routes. TDLFAN's final alternative route through Nishi-/Funabashi is likely the most direct, and potentially the quietest, possibly the fastest way to go by train. I haven't tried it myself, but it looks right. The direct bus still seems absolutely the easiest, if it suits your arriving/travel time requirements.

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    Re: Narita Sky Access - Feasible for NRT to TDR?

    It seems crazy to go all the way to Ueno, which is kind of out of the way.
    I vote for the limousine bus or N'EX to Tokyo Station.

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    Re: Narita Sky Access - Feasible for NRT to TDR?

    In general, rail station are large, confusing, and a bit of a zoo. Even if you are at a 'nearby' hotel, you may still have a huge walk just to get into the station, then onto your train. Not so with stations that are just for the subway. So the more you can avoid train stations, the better. I would say Ueno is not a good location for Disney, but the new service also has stops near a couple of subway stations, so maybe there is some usefulness there.


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