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    Help! Going to TDS tomorrow!

    My friends and I are spending some time in Tokyo and weren't going to go to Disney, but at the last minute have decided to go tomorrow. Any advice at all would help! What should we do first, fastpass-wise, and what are the lines going to be like? I looked at a crowdtracker, and it doesn't look like it's going to be too crowded, but I have no idea what an average wait-time is here. Best place to eat? What should we skip? What do we HAVE to do? I have no idea! I want to go and have a good time, but I'd like to take advantage of the full day we're going to spend there. Thanks so much in advance!!

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    Re: Help! Going to TDS tomorrow!

    Buy tickets at the Disney store in Shibuya, like NOW! This way you will avoid standing in line for tickets at the gates of the park. But I think it might be too late since the time differences.

    Try to be at DisneySEA atleast 45 minutes before gates open. If you havenīt got tickets show up atleast an hour prior.
    Go to Indiana Jones or Tower of Terror first thing. Waits tend to get longer and longer for these rides as people in masses pour in to the park during the the first hours of the day. Get Fastpasses for one, ride the other.
    Also get Fastpasses for Journey To The Center Of The Earth after that.

    Do not miss these shows:
    The Legend of Mythica The best show in the park.
    Big Band Beat

    Donīt forget to take a look in the Marmaid Lagoon. See if the Mermaid Lagoon Theatre is playing the Mermaid show!

    These rides are a must:
    Journey To The Center Of The Earth Only at DisneySEA and the best ride. Fastpass option
    Sinbadīs Storybook Voyage Only at DisneySEA. Lines are short for this ride.
    Tower Of Terror Different from the other versions Fastpass option
    Indiana Jones Different from the American version Fastpass option
    Stormrider Not the best ride in the world but only availible in DisneySEA Fastpass option
    20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Only at DisneySEA Fastpass option

    Donīt waste time on meet and greetīs. Forget about eating at places that seme to have long lines. Use the day to get as many Fastpasses you can get.
    There you have 9 things to do! I hope you will manage to see and do them all.
    Thatīs what I would do if I was there for the first time
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    Re: Help! Going to TDS tomorrow!

    Timmy beat me to it! :-)

    Yup, Timmy's got it right...

    The only minor quibble is that I would skip Stormrider. It's exactly what Timmy says it is, but if time is short, it's "skippable".

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    Re: Help! Going to TDS tomorrow!

    Get there as early as possible and follow Timmy's plan.
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    Re: Help! Going to TDS tomorrow!

    Thank you all so much! Heading out now. Wish me luck!
    I really appreciate your help on such short notice. Disney people are awesome!

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