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    TDR: Disney Resort Line Re-Opens

    I visited TDR on April 2nd when the Disney Resort Line monorail re-opened. Here is some footage (in two parts) of the areas around the Resort. Enjoy! (Embedding doesn't seem to be working right.)

    Part 1: Maihama Station and Disney Resort Line (facing away from the Parks):

    Part 2: Disney Resort Line (towards the Parks), Easter Wonderland and Big Thunder Mountain:
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    Re: TDR: Disney Resort Line Re-Opens

    Thanks as always for sharing with us!

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    Re: TDR: Disney Resort Line Re-Opens

    Thanks for those.
    It got me really excited for the trip that I may not be taking.
    Come on OLC announce something!
    I have to admit I did find the videos a little creepy. I've never seen the place so empty!!!!!!

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    Re: TDR: Disney Resort Line Re-Opens

    Did you see all the Cast Members stand to attention and start waving to people. The Tokyo Disney Resort difference. Thanks for sharing with us the videos. Except for the stuff directly off property you would have a hard job knowing there had been a big earthquake. The Easter decorations bring a sign of hope that Tokyo Disneyland will soon reopen its gates.

    JoeInJpn I notice you arrived via the Keiyo Line. Is that line now back up and running without any disruptions?
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    Re: TDR: Disney Resort Line Re-Opens

    Here is a link to the JR East rail status.

    JR-EAST: Train Status Information

    Click on Kanto region for the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

    It will tell you which lines are experiencing disruptions. It reports "train information regarding anticipated and actual delays in excess of 30 minutes". It doesn't explain the reduced service of each of the lines, just if they are operating or not.

    It is my understanding that almost all rail lines are operating on a reduced service basis and will continue to do so for quite some time.

    Just another bit of fresh news, the Narita Express (N'Ex) which has been shutdown since the earthquake has just resumed service on a reduced schedule basis.

    And thanks Joe for the videos.

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