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    LATimes front page: Hardships due to Tokyo Disney being closed

    Pretty interesting this made it to the main headline for

    I hadn't seen this figure before either

    Each day the parks are closed costs Oriental Land 500 million yen (about $5.9 million) in operating profit
    Tokyo Disney and earthquake: A new theme at Tokyo Disney: hardship -

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    Re: LATimes front page: Hardships due to Tokyo Disney being closed

    I believe it, so it is probably going to cost them around 180 million plus.

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    Re: LATimes front page: Hardships due to Tokyo Disney being closed

    Lots of business will suffer this year, not just Disney. Maybe I'm being over optimistic but I have a feeling TDR will bounce back regardless of when they reopen. They have enough events going on this year to promote some attendance growth. And Disney fanatics will still find a way to get to TDR despite any nuclear scare. Financially yes this will be a rough several years for the OLC but they'll recover in due time. They just have to get through this year first.

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    Re: LATimes front page: Hardships due to Tokyo Disney being closed

    ORDDU: My sisters and I don't think it will be that simple. Just today we read an article that says the radioactive fallout, alone, will make Japan a dangerous place to live or visit for many years to come. There are a lot of mixed reports about the amount or radiation dangers. Some are saying the government wasn't truthful with its own people and that things are much worse than we all know. It's very sad, indeed, with no light at the end of a long tunnel.

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