if you visit deep disney today you will going to see some decorations going up and how they are dealing with hottest day of summer and check Toy story Mania which will from lovely New York through the fun filled carnival themed attraction and the qeue line will be interactive the line may be different to other parks but the ride itself will be just like California Adventure.<br>And watch out for more decorations coming up to the SEA itself will be transforming into a magical place and expect various design in the Sorcerer Hats all over the park but despite not so big events coming to the park you can still enjoy it .<br> Plus to start the celebration kick off it will start with a bang Because Magic in the sky will be returning.<br>And the much awaiting 20 minute greeting show I think will be the biggest greeting show ever in the park with over 100 performers all over the harbor and the will host some special floats in the show just think of it a replacement for Primavera for a while OK.<br> The greeting show is expected to end in november 2011 it is kinda a short while because they do not want to collide with christmas season with same thmed this year and the lost well not completely lost NYE 2012 but it will still have some countdown<br> fireworks in midnight but next year expect the unexpected next year in the parks you will not know what events will lie in it.<br> I`m a little bit fast around here but i think they are preparing for the BIG 30 2 years from now i think there will be something new all over the place and bigger events, and another flashmob on April 15 2013 .This is me for now I`m AKI here in Japan bringing you some info throughout the theme parks here in Japan and thank you for reading!. <br><br>