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    (little too early but…) Happy Birthday Tokyo Disney SEA : >

    (this is my first post. great to be here : > )

    Let’s celebrate the comming Tokyo Disney SEA’s 10th anniversary by sharing your stories and thoughts on the class of its own magnificent Disney park : > I’m a former TDS CM and a current city of Urayasu resident (please excuse my English as I am not a native speaker). And not to mention, I love TDS so much! I truly think the park is one of the most beautiful and photogenic theme park ever created on earth. It sounds pretty crazy, but I still can not believe how gorgeous the park often shows up in my photos even after going there countless times over the passed 10 years. And crazier thing is that I still find something new in the park even to this date simply because the park is filled with details which most people would not notice or care. Since I am involved in creating a new online international community for the city of Urayasu, I would love to make a serious effort to shine a spotlight upon those details which should deserve more attentions!!

    I’m so sorry that my post became so long.

    Happy Birthday TDS : >

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    Re: (little too early but…) Happy Birthday Tokyo Disney SEA : >

    Welcome to MiceChat Mr J. I am sorry to see your first post here has not been met with much love. I will put a stop to this since I feel its an interesting subject and one I would love to start discussing. Also I must say its great to have more locals making an effort to post here. Your contributions will no doubt offer an informative and alternative view to the usual coments and thoughts. Especially since you are a former Cast Member.

    I first noticed Tokyo DisneySea about 10 years a go... Al Lutz was still posting on the other site and shared the first picture report of the new park. We had just come up the back of Disney opening California Adventure with most fans being disapointed by the newer park. The early word on the street was that the Paris Studios was heading in the same direction. A Park built on the cheap. Than in came all these beautiful images from Tokyo DisneySea. A stunning man made Volcano sitting centre inside the park. It appeared from the start it was impossible to fault this park. For most of us this park is the reason why we have taken trips over to Japan. Anyone can build a Disneyland. But DisneySea was and still is today something very special.
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