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    Halloweentime photos from Tokyo Disneyland plus Nightmare Mansion - Very Pic heavy

    I just got back from Tokyo Disneyland and I'm still going through all my photos. I'll be posting a trip report before too long, but I wanted to go ahead and share some Halloween photos while it's still the season. These pictures are from multiple days around the resort, so they might jump from sunny to cloudy, day to night, etc. I hope you enjoy them!

    The main entrance

    Name:  Halloween-1.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-2.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-3.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-4.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-5.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-6.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-7.jpg
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Size:  154.8 KB

    Around the hub
    Name:  Halloween-8.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-9.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-10.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-11.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-12.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-13.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-14.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-15.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-16.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-17.jpg
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    An optical illusion. When viewed straight on.
    Name:  Halloween-18.jpg
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    When viewed from the side.
    Name:  Halloween-19.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-20.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-21.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-22.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-23.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-24.jpg
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    Inside the castle
    Name:  Halloween-25.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-26.jpg
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    Around Disneyland
    Name:  Halloween-27.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-28.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-29.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-30.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-31.jpg
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    Photos from Halloween parade
    Name:  Halloween-32.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-33.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-34.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-35.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-36.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-37.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-38.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-39.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-40.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-41.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-42.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-43.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-44.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-45.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-46.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-47.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-48.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-49.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-50.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-51.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-52.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-53.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-54.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-55.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-56.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-57.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-58.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-59.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-60.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-61.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-62.jpg
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    Downtown Disney / Ikspiari
    Name:  Halloween-63.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-64.jpg
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    Haunted Mansion Holiday at Tokyo Disneyland
    Name:  Halloween-65.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-66.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-67.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-68.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-69.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-70.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-71.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-72.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-73.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-74.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-75.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-76.jpg
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    The stockings are hung by the fireplace.
    Name:  Halloween-77.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-78.jpg
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    What looks like a hidden Mickey in the upper right corner.
    Name:  Halloween-79.jpg
Views: 484
Size:  132.3 KB

    It's Jack yes, but look Sally too!
    Name:  Halloween-80.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-81.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-82.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-83.jpg
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    And again, Sally with Scary Teddy
    Name:  Halloween-84.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-85.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-86.jpg
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    Lock, Shock and Barrel are looking in on Madam Leota
    Name:  Halloween-87.jpg
Views: 479
Size:  78.5 KB

    No gingerbread house in the ballroom here, but a very big cake. No gingerbread smell here, compared to the Anaheim version.
    Name:  Halloween-88.jpg
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Size:  88.7 KB

    Name:  Halloween-89.jpg
Views: 525
Size:  118.8 KB

    Name:  Halloween-90.jpg
Views: 474
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    Name:  Halloween-91.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-92.jpg
Views: 476
Size:  66.7 KB

    Inside the attic. A few different names on the naughty/nice list here. Nobukai, Kenichiro, Eiichi, Kazuko and more.
    Name:  Halloween-93.jpg
Views: 472
Size:  38.4 KB

    Name:  Halloween-94.jpg
Views: 478
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    Name:  Halloween-95.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-96.jpg
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    Exiting the attic, there is snow on the roof to the right. There is what looks like a hidden Mickey in the snow. Unfortunately it's very very dark so this was the best photo I could get with even my best gear. ISO 12800, f/1.4, 1/50 s. You can kind of make it out though.
    Name:  Halloween-97.jpg
Views: 472
Size:  71.1 KB

    The pumpkin mountain here looks a lot more like one piece compared to the Disneyland version
    Tokyo Disneyland
    Name:  Halloween-98.jpg
Views: 474
Size:  95.8 KB

    Anaheim Disneyland
    Name:  Halloween-200.jpg
Views: 473
Size:  80.5 KB

    More from the graveyard
    Name:  Halloween-102.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-99.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-100.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-103.jpg
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    Name:  Halloween-101.jpg
Views: 472
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    Here instead of Oogie-Boogie, we have Lock, Shock and Barrel ready to jump out at you.
    Name:  Halloween-104.jpg
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Size:  91.4 KB

    Name:  Halloween-105.jpg
Views: 476
Size:  59.3 KB

    Name:  Halloween-106.jpg
Views: 476
Size:  66.8 KB

    As soon as I get through the rest of my photos I'll be posting a trip report. It was a really great trip and I have lots of fun stories and experiences. Until then...

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    Re: Halloweentime photos from Tokyo Disneyland plus Nightmare Mansion - Very Pic heav

    Awesome pictures! Loves your Tokyo's Haunted Mansion Holiday photos too!

    ---------- Post added 10-26-2011 at 02:12 PM ----------

    Plus, I would love to read your trip report too!
    Sorry for grammar mistakes! I'm not really good in English!

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    Re: Halloweentime photos from Tokyo Disneyland plus Nightmare Mansion - Very Pic heav

    Just lovely. Thankies for sharing!!!
    Jon A. Leslie

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    Re: Halloweentime photos from Tokyo Disneyland plus Nightmare Mansion - Very Pic heav


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    Re: Halloweentime photos from Tokyo Disneyland plus Nightmare Mansion - Very Pic heav

    Great photos. Particularly in the dark! What's your equipment?

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    Re: Halloweentime photos from Tokyo Disneyland plus Nightmare Mansion - Very Pic heav

    Quote Originally Posted by Fukai View Post
    Great photos. Particularly in the dark! What's your equipment?
    I shoot with a Canon 7D. For those pics, I had it set at ISO 12800 and figured I'd deal with the noise later.
    The lens is a Sigma 30mm f/1.4. I was shooting pretty much wide open with manual focus set a little under infinity since it has trouble focusing in the dark.
    I was shooting in Manual Mode.
    The shutter speed was anywhere between 1/50s and 1/100s. I figured any more and it would blur due to the doom buggies moving along.

    I loved Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. I took so many photos it's taking a while to get through them all.

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