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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    great trip report cant wait to see more

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    very cool indeed, I miss japan a lot. I think somebody already told you but those kit kat are pumpkin cheesecake flavor, and indeed, the black cats its a delivery company.
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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    Japan, Day 12 - 10/13/2011 Leaving Ruston and Jacob and going back to Disneyland

    Well it was a sad day. After spending 11 days together, we're finally going to split up. Theresa and I are going back to Disneyland while Ruston and Jacob are going to explore downtown Tokyo a little more.

    The day started around 8:15am. After getting everything all packed up, we left the Citadines and went down to the subway. We could have walked the 1 mile distance to Kyoto station, but decided that a 210 yen ticket was a better idea. Breakfast was another stop at Mister Donut. We had made our reservations for seats on the 9:56am train and went down to the track to wait. There were a ton of high school kids from Australia with Jazz band collared shirts on and all sorts of instruments. Of course Ruston was quick to strike up a conversation with them and their leader. It turns out they were from Frankston, Australia and their sister city was in Japan, and they were up there to perform. They even got their trip paid for for them to be there. Kinda makes me wish my town had a sister city to visit.

    The train arrived and started boarding and of course it was madness with them and all their instruments and luggage. We had to walk a few cars down from where we were supposed to board because it was so crowded and the train was going to be leaving with or without us. Eventually we got to our seats and lucked out that we were in the section with 3 seats, but no one sitting next to us.

    Once we reached Shinjuku station, we said goodbye to Jacob and Ruston. We got to Tokyo and took a long walk over to the rail line that would take us to Disneyland.

    We're back!!!

    We got to Ikspiari and bought a 3 day monorail pass and went to our hotel.

    Someone is happy to be back.

    A couple days before, we got online and made reservations to stay at the Hilton Tokyo Bay again. Theresa was able to find a deal for something like $250/night. We had looked at staying in at the Disneyland Hotel, but the cheapest room was 45000 yen/night ($585) for the cheapest room. The Sheraton which is right beside the Hilton Tokyo Bay was over 50000 yen/night ($650). What were they thinking being so much more expensive than the Disneyland Hotel?

    It was only 1:40 and check-in wasn’t until 3pm, but we went to the counter to see if they had anything available. Theresa asked it they had any king beds available, since this whole trip we’ve been staying in rooms with either separate twin beds, or twin beds pushed together. They said if we’d like to wait 20 minutes they would have one ready, or we could get a regular room right then. I was ready to get to Disney Sea, but Theresa thought we should wait and get the king bed. We passed the time buying our Disneyland 2 day tickets and making reservations for the airport limo on Sunday and also looking for gifts in the shop. We went back to the main desk and the receptionist came around the counter with our keys and said to follow her to our room. She escorted us all the way to the room and showed us some of the special amenities. It turned out that they upgraded us for free.

    This room looked much more modern than the room we had previously at this hotel.

    And there was even a fridge with complimentary beverages that were restocked daily! Sweet! There was even complimentary high speed internet! Great job Theresa for making us wait.

    We dropped off all our stuff and walked out to the monorail to head to Disney Sea. Once there, we got a times guide and saw that one of those shows we’d missed the first time around would be starting soon.

    We grabbed a couple of hot dogs and some black pepper popcorn and sat down for the show. Along the way, we could really smell that milk tea popcorn. It definitely has a unique smell.

    The show was really fun! Even though we had no idea what they were saying, it was high energy and the costumes were amazing!

    First Mickey showed up on the boat.

    Who better to host a show about food than Lumiere?

    Chip and Dale brought Mexican Tacos.

    Of course their nemesis Donald shows up.

    But they trick him into eating a pepper that is really hot!

    Daisy came to bring us an Indian Spicy Curry. I love those guy's pants! They look just like Nan bread.

    Pluto brought us an American Cheeseburger

    And finally Goofy brought us a Bento Box.

    And then you have to have dessert! Minnie comes out dressed like a Sundae and I think Mickey is some sort of chocolate.

    Whew. Good job Lumiere.

    As we were leaving we saw a group of chefs pushing trashcans. Knowing something must be going on, we followed them to see where they were going to set up their show, and it ended up being right in front of McDucks. They were really good drummers.

    And then later Donald in a Chinese costume showed up and also started drumming.

    We love the crowd interaction!

    See ya later Donald!

    We then walked back toward Indiana Jones. Along the way, we saw Pocahontas and also stopped for some Strawberry popcorn.

    It was a 50 minute wait for Indy, so we decided to wait on that one and look at some of the store. There’s an Indy store not too far away. $2200 for a real 8’ leather whip seemed a little expensive…

    After that, we went to Sindbad's. It was only a 5 minute wait. Theresa loves Rajah!

    After Sindbad, we walked through Agrabah. I love how all the characters just wander around

    In keeping with the whole Genie/Agrabah theme, we went to the double decker carousel.

    It wasn't all that busy so we even got to ride on the Genie!

    Leaving there was the definite smell of Curry in the air, so Theresa grabbed a curry popcorn.

    We went back to Triton’s Kingdom just to look around.

    There's some cool hats and merchandise to buy in here.

    I noticed the water spitting fish and Flounder that we had in our DCA Ariel ride is also here just above one of their display racks.

    We went outside and right there was a Caramel popcorn. That makes #4 today.

    I spent a little bit of time trying to get a good shot of the whole mermaid area since it looks so much better at night compared to the day.

    We walked through Mysterious Island

    We stopped by a cart that had huge lines most of the time we were there and tried the pork bun. It was a bit bland, but it was hot. We then walked to the lower level and found some soy sauce. That helped it some.

    This place just looks amazing at night.

    The restaurant downstairs had pork giyoza, so we had to try those as well. Theresa said these were probably her favorite food that we’d had so far at the Disney Resort. They were pretty tasty.

    After that, it was time to look around in the stores. We were trying to find something good to bring back to family and friends, but it’s been difficult. We ended up getting 2 white and 2 black plates to bring back home. It's not a whole dinner set, but that would have been really expensive. Now we just have to cross our fingers and hope they survive the trip home.

    After wandering the stores for a while, we finally made it over to McDucks. Ducktales was a big favorite of mine growing up so I was hoping to see some great decorations and merchandise. The fountain out front looks cool.

    But the inside wasn’t as cool as I would have hoped. The decoration in the place is all great, but the insides have been turned completely into a Duffy store. Sigh... I think Scrooge is posed like this wondering what exactly happened to this place.

    Theresa had had enough walking around, so we sat down 45 minutes before the start of Fantasmic. This is our second time watching it and this time we’re watching it from the front. Everyone here is really serious about showing up early to see shows. We were there 45 minutes ahead of time and were 4-5 deep from the front of people standing.

    The one thing we really liked about all the shows here in Japan was that the cast members made it a point to announce that you should remove large hats, and never hold up cameras above eye level. We even saw a cast member asking some girls to take some large bows out of their hair. I sure wish Disneyland back home would institute a policy like this. It seems like it’s a running joke when you’re watching fireworks or World of Color that as soon as the first note plays, all the kids start going on top of shoulders and you're watching the backs of camera screens. The sort of thing is forbidden here, which I think is just great.

    Fantasmic itself was awesome once again. Even better from the front.

    It's awesome to see how they do a show without a main stage. The main hat that has Mickey also has Stitch pop up.

    And Cinderella.

    The way they do the Magic Mirror is also really cool with a giant mirror frame and a stream of water flowing down and being projected onto.

    And then when the volcano gets into the action you just have to say, Wow!

    Look out Mickey! It's a fire breathing dragon!

    Mickey knows what to do though!

    We high tailed it to Indiana Jones, hoping to beat the rest of the crowd to the back of the park. When we got there, it was only a 5 minute wait. Sweet! The ride was great, and of course the theming of the queue is just outstanding. One thing I really like here that is unique to this ride is the angry statue. Just before the dart room where at Anaheim Disneyland you'd normally get the smoke screen with the projection of rats jumping into your cart, here your carts comes to a stop and a statue blows a smoke ring at you.

    We walked over to Sindbad and walked right onto the ride. It was just us in the front and another couple in the very back seats in the whole boat. After the ride was over, I asked Theresa if we could just ride it one more time, and she said yes. Both the entry greeter and the loader recognized us and said “Two times” when they saw us. This time we had the boat all to ourselves. What a great ride!

    Enjoy the video! When I was working on the video, the song just got stuck in my head. It's titled "Compass of Your Heart" and was written by Alan Menken. You've heard his other music in The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, Hercules, Tangled and many others.

    And then it was time to walk out. We then took a quick monorail ride back to the hotel and grabbed some snacks for the next day.

    The room came with free internet access, but the welcome guide said we’d need to call down to the front desk for the password. Instead of telling us over the phone, they sent someone up with a slip of paper with the username and password printed out, plus a network cable. They were up to our room within minutes of us calling, and the girl who came was very cheerful and polite. Just a quick bow after handing us the paper and then she was gone. They really do have great service here.

    It's been a pretty long day and we've been going hard. I’ve already told Theresa we don’t need to be there when the park opens tomorrow, so we should enjoy sleeping in a bit. Tomorrow, Disneyland again!

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    WOW! May I just say I have enjoyed reading your entire trip report! It is very detailed and so fun to read!! Thanks! It is AWESOME! Can't wait to read more!!

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    What an amazing trip report, I really enjoy every single word and every photo you have posted! We had planned a vacation in Japan for May 2011, everything was already booked, but we canceled it because of the big earthquake! We are still very sad about that! I can't wait to read the rest of your trip report!
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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Disneylover23 View Post
    WOW! May I just say I have enjoyed reading your entire trip report! It is very detailed and so fun to read!! Thanks! It is AWESOME! Can't wait to read more!!
    Glad you're enjoying it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Camthalio View Post
    What an amazing trip report, I really enjoy every single word and every photo you have posted! We had planned a vacation in Japan for May 2011, everything was already booked, but we canceled it because of the big earthquake! We are still very sad about that! I can't wait to read the rest of your trip report!
    We had the same thoughts too. We made our reservations all the way in November and were fully expecting to cancel it all the way until July. Our group was seeing that Japan was still getting strong aftershocks months and months after the earthquake. I was able to convince T though that even with the threat of aftershocks we should still go.

    Time for an update! We're getting close to the end!

    Japan, Day 13 - 10/14/2011 Hanging out at Tokyo Disneyland

    Our 2nd to last day at Disneyland started off slowly. We slept in until 9am hung around the room for a bit and then jumped on the monorail to the park. We ended up hitting the gates right around 10am.

    Here's the view from our 11th floor room.

    After seeing the weather report for tomorrow being rainy all day, we decided we’d rather do another Disney day than going out into Tokyo on the subways and going in and out of temples and museums. Adding a 3rd day to our passes we super easy. We went through the turnstiles, over to guest services and the cast member was able to upgrade our tickets no problem.

    After getting our tickets, we high tailed it over to Winnie the Pooh. The Disneyland Band was performing in the hub, but we were on a mission. Off to see Pooh!

    Oh no! Pooh had planters surrounding the whole front of the ride and was closed for renovation. Theresa was sad. Now we were glad to have been able to go on it so many times when we were here a week ago.

    Instead we walked over to Haunted Mansion and got a fastpass for that instead. It was really close to parade time, Welcome to Spookyville. We sat down right near the front of the mansion and were in the very front row. Just a few minutes later, the area all around us was packed. We’d caught glimpses of the parade last week, but this was the first time we’d sat down to see it.

    Before the parade started there was a little hand motion you did with the music. The cast members led us in how to do it, and then pulled little kids from the audience to do it with them in front of everyone. I love the guest interaction during the parade.

    The parade was really well done. The costumes all looked amazing.

    And the floats were really elaborate.

    I liked how these girls would pop out and surprise people.

    Last time we watched the parade, we saw the floats go by and thought that was it. Nope! The floats parked and there was a show.

    Huey, Dewey and Louie leading us in the hand movements we learned earlier.

    Cast members blocked off the end of the street.

    You have to love all the guest interaction.

    After the parade, we walked over to the Main Street bakery.

    We were hungry, having not had breakfast yet.

    Theresa had a Ratatouille Focaccia, which was focaccia in name only, because that was just the regular white bun they put everything on. I had an apple pastry, which was also a big letdown in that it might have had a tablespoon of filling and the rest was just flaky pastry, and not good flaky pastry. Dry and not flavorful. I won't recommend either of them. Oh well.

    We saw the Disneyland Band lining up to perform, so we went over to hear them play. One of my favorite parts of the Anaheim Disneyland is all the live music.

    My favorite song they played was “Grim Grinning Ghosts”. Enjoy the video!

    We really wanted to do things today we didn't get a chance to do the first few days we were here. We walked over to a show called "Super Duper Jumping Time". While waiting I noticed this girl's nails. I was impressed and she even let me take a photo.

    The main stage area was sectioned off with benches. The kids who got there super early got to sit in the front with no adults!

    Just as the show was starting, a group of the Jungle Book monkeys ran out through the group of the kids then sat down beside some of them. Of course a few of them freaked out and scrambled away, but this little guy took it all in stride.

    Then Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Chip and Dale came out on stage. Oh those poor cast members who had the job of keeping the kids off stage. With no parents around, as soon as the kids got excited, a few of them just jumped up and ran towards the characters. There was this one girl who must have been 2-3 who kept wanting to walk up the stairs to the stage. The cast member would grab her and take her near the back of the rest of the kids and then turn to do something else. And then wouldn’t you know it, a minute later, the same girl has made her way back to the front and it climbing up the steps again.

    The entire show was in Japanese, so I can't really say what was going on.

    But I thought this was really cute. Mickey Mouse with a puppet Mickey Mouse.

    And Donald.

    Actually just about all the characters had puppets.

    Here's a Disney character you hardly ever see anymore.

    My favorite part of the show was when after having to sit away from the stage and away from the characters, the characters all came out into the audience with all the kids. They were absolutely swarmed as the kids jumped up and hugged and held hands and just talked to the characters. Mickey had kids surrounding him the entire time.

    These smiling faces just made my day. You could tell how much they loved them..

    I think Theresa's got the Japanese pose down.

    We walked back into Toontown to get Theresa a pretzel with sweet cream cheese. It was the same as we have at Disneyland, just a little smaller. We checked out the stores trying to find gifts to take home, but didn’t have much luck. Half the store was filled with Halloween things, which is great, but not great as things to bring back home. I wonder what the store looks like during non holiday seasons.

    Mansion had a 50 minute wait, so instead we walked back to Splash Mountain to try a tortilla hotdog. It might not look like much but it was actually pretty tasty.

    We then took a raft over to Tom Sawyer Island to explore.

    It was fun playing all on the rocks.

    This skeleton head would spit water.

    And we get to go inside the fort! I've wanted to do this ever since they closed up Fort Wilderness on Tom Sawyer island at Anaheim Disneyland.

    Just outside there were even teepees! I thought that was pretty cool. Just like the Kingdom Keepers... Sadly I didn't turn invisible (and if you get that reference you truly are a Disney geek like me)

    Again, back inside Fort Sam Clemens, there was a food stand. They had a frozen pineapple filled with grape jelly that looked interesting.

    But Theresa was really wanting these!


    We continued exploring the island. Playing on the floating barrels.

    And the suspended bridge.

    And even walked around Injun Joe's cave. I wonder how well Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn translate to Japanese.

    After seeing the Mark Twain go around so many times, we just had to ride it.

    Look! A burning settlers camp!

    Can you believe this was the very first popcorn of the day? Yummy caramel popcorn, and because it's so popular it's always freshly popped.

    After the popcorn, we walked over to get in line for Minnie Oh Minnie, a Latin dance show.

    Good thing we went over when we did. It was still 40 minutes to showtime and there was a snaking line already. We sat down about 20 minutes later, with okay seats. Theresa was on the end of the aisle towards the stage, so that was good for her. And again reminders from the cast member to take off large hats and never hold a camera above your head. Love it!

    The show itself was good. Lots of costume changes. It seems like Tokyo Disney really puts a lot of effort into the shows.

    It was dinnertime so we headed to the Center Street Coffeehouse just off Main Street. I saw these place mats. They were for kids I'm guessing, but I knew I'd enjoy my meal just a little more if I was eating off one of these. It made the meal more magical.

    I had the chicken curry and Theresa had spaghetti with meat sauce. Not too bad for 1000 yen each. Both tasted pretty good too.

    We used our Haunted Mansion fastpass. Each time we went on it, I’m hoping it will break down like the first time. Is that bad?

    We sat down for the electric parade around 6:15pm and the parade was supposed to start at 7:30pm. Already we were in the 2nd row of people waiting. Right at 6:30pm when the announcement came on and said you could put out your mats, about a minute later a little trickle of rain starts. A minute after that, and the trickle had turned into a downpour. People were frantically packing up their things and heading for cover. Good thing we brought our rain gear. We walked on Snow White while everyone was running for cover. We then rode Pinocchio, and It’s a Small world after that. All were walk-on. With the rain still coming down we went to Toontown and rode Toontown spin.

    So obviously the Electric Parade was cancelled, but there was an announcement that there would be a short parade instead, starting in Toontown, going into Westernland and ending in Fantasyland. The rain had let up a bit, so we stood by the parade route to watch. All that rain did make those brightly lit up parade floats look awesome though. The reflections looked cool through my camera.

    We walked over to Pirates and it was a walk on as well. If you don't mind getting a little wet, you can really get in a lot of rides on a rainy day.

    I've probably mentioned this before, but here was the heart of Davy Jones. You can hear a heartbeat as you float by.

    Here we see the cursed Aztec gold. As we were passing by, Theresa said "Hidden Mickey!!!" Well I didn't see it in time, so as soon as we got off the ride, we walked right back to the entrance to ride it again.

    Sure enough, there was a Hidden Mickey in one of the gold coins.

    We decided to finish out the night on Mansion. I love the socks that were hung by the fireplace.

    Once inside the stretching room, again I hear Theresa say "Hidden Mickey!" She's on a roll now!

    It's awesome seeing Sally and Scary Teddy.

    No gingerbread house here, but there's a not-so-hidden Mickey in the plates.

    Now it was my turn to find a Hidden Mickey. This one is completely unique to the Haunted Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland. When we came home and went to the Anaheim Disneyland, I specifically looked for this and didn't see it. So where is it?
    As soon as you exit the attic in the Haunted Mansion, there is a rooftop to your right covered with snow. Unfortunately it's very very dark in this area so I wasn't sure if I could get a decent photo. Of course I didn't want to use the flash. For those who are interested in such things, this was taken at f/1.4 1/50s ISO 12,800 and I still had to push it 2 stops in post processing.

    With such short lines, of course we went back on Haunted Mansion again.

    Puddles are wonderful.

    We were starting to get tired, so it was time to head back to the hotel.
    One stop on the monorail and we were there. A quick check of the mini-fridge and yes, they did restock the complimentary sodas, hooray! We then went downstairs and grabbed a cup of noodles and pastry for breakfast tomorrow morning. I got a chocolate bread to snack on from the convenience store, while T got an apple cinnamon something from the patisserie. Mine was good. Hers she said tasted like it had been sitting for 2 days. It was no longer flaky and tasted old. She ended up throwing it out. If you do go to the patisserie at the Tokyo Bay Hilton, keep this in mind so you're not disappointed.

    A couple of hot showers and then we started watching Aladdin on the laptop. Theresa started falling asleep before we even got to see the Cave of Wonders, so I knew it was time to turn it off and go to bed.

    Tomorrow is our last full day in Japan. We are spending the day at Disney Sea and Disneyland, and again the forecast calls for rain. Let’s hope that means empty parks and short lines!

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    Thanks-have spent hours reading this-brilliant trip report and superb photos with some useful info and makes me even more excited for our upcoming trip at the end of this month-(Yay its "this" month finally!) I am superimpressed as well by the 360 photos-I didn't know they had such cameras but my hubby knew about them when I was imparting info over dinner! Yours is also the 1st trip report I have read that actually had fine weather in Hakone-despite all the queueing you were lucky. We haven't as long in TDL/TDS as the focus of the trip is Japan but as always, I have managed to sneak my fix in.

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Gecko24 View Post
    Thanks-have spent hours reading this-brilliant trip report and superb photos with some useful info and makes me even more excited for our upcoming trip at the end of this month-(Yay its "this" month finally!) I am superimpressed as well by the 360 photos-I didn't know they had such cameras but my hubby knew about them when I was imparting info over dinner! Yours is also the 1st trip report I have read that actually had fine weather in Hakone-despite all the queueing you were lucky. We haven't as long in TDL/TDS as the focus of the trip is Japan but as always, I have managed to sneak my fix in.
    Awesome! So glad you're enjoying the report.
    I hope you have a great time on your vacation. I'll cross my fingers for good weather for you too in Hakone.

    I have to credit Ruston for all the 360 photos. At that point, I didn't have a smart phone, so he took them all. If you've got an iPhone or iPod touch, you can grab the free app too. Search for Photosynth from the app store. It really has been the best tool I've found to make 360 photos since you can instantly see the results. Photosynth - Capture your world in 3D.

    Have a great vacation!

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    So what were Ruston and Jacob up to while we were at Disneyland?

    Here's their story.

    Ruston - Welcome back to Tokyo!

    The land of bicycles.

    How about a visit to the Tokyo Disney Store. The outside of the building is really cool. It looks like a futuristic spaceship from Alien or BladeRunner, but then in contrast is the cute little Disney castle entrance to the store.

    The Disney store is five or six stories tall and you get between floors by a spiral staircase themed to Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole.

    There are several areas throughout the store that are entirely themed to a scene from a movie, like Toy Story and Pinocchio. The store isn’t really big, and space is at a premium, so for this amount of retail space to be devoted to these vignettes, in my mind, shows how important the overall shopping experience is for those who created this Disney Store.

    The next day in front of the Hello Kitty bus.

    Meiji Shrine, smack in the middle of this huge city and you’d think you’re in the countryside because it was so peaceful.

    So much pride, and attention is paid to these places. This is where I saw the grounds keepers sweeping the leaves out of the gravel roads leading to the temple. These roads were maybe 20-30 feet across and probably extended a mile or two. Leaf sweeping would be a full time job.

    An eyeglass washing station

    Yum... Pizza ramen

    We were trying to figure out what these were. Eventually we decided they were for the blind. There were straight lines until you got to an intersection, where they turned into dots.

    Time to head back to the airport.

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    Thanks for another great update. We leave in 2 months and i just cannot wait.

    Quick question... Which Disney Store is that in the latest update?
    And overall, any specific advice for a Tokyo first timer?

    Thanks again for your great reports.

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    I believe that store is in Shibuya...

    Disney Store Japan, 〒150-0042 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya, Udagawacho, 20−15 ヒューマックスパビリオン渋谷公園通り +81 3-3461-3932 ‎

    Disney Store

    Quote Originally Posted by Mosaic513 View Post
    Thanks for another great update. We leave in 2 months and i just cannot wait.

    Quick question... Which Disney Store is that in the latest update?
    And overall, any specific advice for a Tokyo first timer?

    Thanks again for your great reports.

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    Thank you!

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    Japan, Day 14 - 10/15/2011 - Last Day in Japan

    Aww... today is our last full day here.

    Again we decided to wake up late and just enjoy the day. The weather was supposed to be pretty bad today so we were looking forward to empty parks. Looking out the window, sure enough, the wind was really whipping. All the palm trees leaves were pointed in the same direction, and the water in the bay all had whitecaps on it. We didn’t eat breakfast and figured we’d find something in the park. We threw on our rain gear and headed out to the monorail. Getting on, we knew something was wrong. This had to have been the most crowded monorail we’d seen since we had been here. The very next stop was Disney Sea, and sure enough almost the entire monorail emptied to go. As soon as we got in, we stopped by guest services to change some dollars into yen. We were down to about 600 yen for the whole day and next. I’m glad we only had to do that once because it ended up taking 10 minutes with all the paperwork that had to be filled out and copying our passports. All this for $50?

    The park was pretty crowded. We stopped by the bakery and got a cream cheese bun and a sausage croissant.

    We put them on a tray and got them to go. We figured they'd be a tasty compliment to the pork gyoza we liked so much.

    Once we got there, it turned out the place didn’t open until 11:00am and we were 15 minutes early. Luckily we got a table right by the edge of the water.

    About 5 minutes til, I saw a line start forming at the window and jumped in it. Good thing too, because the line got huge! Turns out there were a bunch of people hanging out just waiting for it to open. Probably 50 people I’m guessing, but luckily I was in the first 5. I got our order of gyoza along with some soy sauce that has a spicy tangy taste that really made them taste even better. We enjoyed our pastries and gyoza by the water.

    The line was really long for the pork steam buns. We didn't like these nearly as much as the gyoza.

    We decided to check on Indiana Jones next just to see if it was something we’d wait for. Um, no. Not with an 80 minute wait. Then we walked over to watch the Little Mermaid show again. And again it was good. I wish they’d let you record or take photos in here. The Ursula is huge and impressive.

    I like the theming of this store.

    We then headed back to Arabian Coast. I had read about some excellent coconut soft serve ice cream and had been looking for it all around the parks. I eventually googled it and it turns out it’s a winter flavor at the Sultan’s Oasis. We went by there just in case but they had strawberry soft serve. It was alright, but not great. Coconut is one of my favorites, so I'm sure that would have been better. Also, it is normal here to keep the ice cream just below freezing? My cone was already melting by the time they handed it to me, and 30 seconds later it was already dripping on my hand.

    I finished my cone in front of Sindbad’s and then we walked onto the ride. And just for good measure, we went on it one more time since the line was so short.

    We decided to make that our last ride at Tokyo Disney Sea and headed out. These plants caught my eye.

    We stopped by the hotel Mira Costa to grab some gifts for stocking stuffers that we hadn’t seen in other stores. This store is decorated like Michelangelo's Studio.

    We jumped on the monorail to Disneyland. By this point, the rain had really let up. We both took off our rain jackets and now it was just the wind we had to deal with.

    I saw Robin Hood out walking around and figured I should go get a photo with him. You have to grab photos with the rare characters whenever you get a chance!

    Checking over the information board, everything had a long wait and all the fast passes were gone. Pirates showed a 30 minute wait, but we decided we’d do it anyway. Turns out the wait was only about 20 minutes, which we were happy about.

    Lunch was hot dogs at Casey’s Corner. I had the footlong and fries, while Theresa had the special black pepper and cheese dog with fries. Hers tasted quite a bit like pepper and not so much like cheese. I preferred my regular dog over hers and I think she liked mine better too.

    Theresa had been wanting to find some fresh fruit for days now. We’d looked in Kyoto and all we saw were multipacks with 4 apples or persimmons or something, and she’d only wanted one. We even looked at Disney Sea a couple days before, but the stand had already closed by the time we went over there. Well finally in Adventureland Theresa found an apple. That made her happy and it even turned out to be a crisp apple.

    Also fun to see the monkeys from The Jungle Book.

    The Tiki room was calling our name. This time we asked for the English translation devices to help us out. The girl who got them for us asked where we were from. We told her California, and she got excited because she was going to be going to CA in four days to visit Disneyland in Anaheim, and also heading out to Las Vegas.

    We got to spend a little longer waiting in line this time, so I noticed all the blue footprints Stitch had left all over the place. I would say, I hope it comes off easy when they decide to change the ride back, but everyone I've seen here seems to love Stitchee so I’m sure he’ll be around for a good long while. Anything is better than the "Under New Management" Tiki Room that WDW just replaced.

    The translation devices really helped. You can see the Glee Club are all wearing Stitchee ears. He's the Big Kahuna!

    Overall I think the show was fun and worth a visit.

    Back over to the information board to get wait times. 150 minutes for Monsters, 120 for Splash Mountain. And why in the world does Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters have a longer 70 minute wait than Space Mountain's 50 minute wait? Instead we walk over to It’s a small world and walked right on.

    I love seeing places in here where we've visited before. Disneyland Paris, check.

    Now Tokyo Disneyland, check.

    Hong Kong Disneyland, not yet, but we're hoping soon.

    We took a quick ride on Pinocchio.

    Walking by Pooh, we were sad to see it closed. I looked online and saw it was down for refurbishment until Dec 22nd. I’m glad it was open the first time we were here. The honey popcorn was smelling really good so I got a box of that. The honey smell just pervades the area and smells wonderful.

    The Monsters Inc ride looks really cool.

    It was my turn to pick a ride, so I chose the classic Star Tours. Again, we walked right on to this ride. Surprisingly Theresa didn’t have any problems with the ride like she does back home. Those behind the ear motion sickness patches must really work well.

    The parade was starting soon, so we grabbed a caramel popcorn and tried to find a decent viewing spot.

    Haha, yeah right! The parade was only a few minutes away and look at all the people waiting for it. Normally right in front of the partners statue, the parade floats would stop and the performers would get off and do a dance routine. Unfortunately, the rain started to come down just as the parades got there so instead of stopping, they just continued on. I kind of felt bad for the people who had obviously camped out for such a long time to get a good viewing spot.

    We still hadn’t ridden Jungle Cruise and it was only a 30 minute wait, so we figured why not give it a try. I’d heard the warnings that it was all going to be in Japanese, so you should skip it but we went anyhow. It was cool to see the differences in their version and the US versions.

    The Schweitzer Falls joke is pretty universal.

    As well as the Backside of Water.

    For dinner we decided we’d head out to Ikspiari. And since it was so close, we walked instead of riding the monorail all the way around the parks.

    Theresa in front of a giant Disneyland passport. We can now say we crossed all these off our list.

    And I love the photos in the giant luggage showing Disney characters enjoying the rides in the parks.

    Iago and Zazu can visit the Tiki Room, but they certainly shouldn't stay.

    Off to see the rest of the stores.

    We visited the Disney store there (not Bon Voyage) and found they do have some different items than the park, and I thought their prices were a lot better on a few things compared to the parks. There was even a Ludwig Von Drake plush toy. Definitely some place to check out for some unique merchandise.

    Umm, it's only October 14th. Why are there Christmas plushes out?

    Theresa loving Lotso. And every time we see a Lotso plush, I just have to pick him up and smell. He really does smell like strawberries.

    Ludwig Von Drake, not Scrooge McDuck.

    We meandered through a few levels. Saw a sign for a pita place that looked good, but it had a line out the door 10 parties deep just to sit down. We wanted to get back into the parks and weren’t interested in spending that kind of time waiting. Eventually we decided we’d eat down in the Ikspiari Kitchen that had a wide selection.

    The California Diner menu looked good, promising a handmade hamburger. Theresa got a California burger with avocado and I got the double cheeseburger. After taking a few bites, hmm, I don’t know what this meat is, but it definitely doesn’t taste like hamburger. It has some weird filler in it and the texture is just awful. We both gave up after eating half, and just threw the rest away.

    We walked back over to Disneyland and grabbed a spot near the end of the parade route for the Tokyo Electric Parade Dreamlights. We had 30 minutes to wait, but we lucked out and were only the 2nd row back from the rope. Not too shabby.

    Theresa asked if we could just put the camera down and watch the parade together, so I have no more photos to show of the parade.

    With about 5 minutes to go before the parade reached us, it started spitting rain. I was glad the parade was already on its way, so they couldn’t cancel it now. I just wasn’t sure if we’d be watching the parade in normal speed or in fast forward as they rushed to get backstage again. Turns out it was just a little rain and we got to see the whole parade in normal speed. All the floats are really well done here, but the one that absolutely stands out is the Genie float. It’s just awesome how it changes into all those characters. It's definitely not something to be missed!

    We were still trying to figure out gifts to bring home to our friends and family, and the only thing we could think of for some of them happened to be sold only at Disney Sea. After the parade ended around 8:05 in our location, we walked out of the park and over to the monorail to head back to Disney Sea. A quick stop in the shops there and we got what we had come for. I was debating ending my night here or heading back to Disneyland. We decided Disneyland would be better. Back to the monorail and back into Disneyland and it was now 9pm.

    The last ride we really wanted to do was Haunted Mansion Holiday. We got back there and the ride board showed a 45 minute wait. We jumped in line and 20 minutes later we were in our Doom Buggy. Hmm, I wonder if they’ve been hyper inflating their numbers all day to encourage people to go on other rides. When the ride was over, we jumped back in line again and rode it a 2nd time. When we were done that time, we only had 15 minutes to go before the park closed. We considered trying to get to Monsters, but we weren’t sure if they’d cut off the line or not. Instead we went on Mansion for a 3rd time and Theresa noticed for the first time that Zero has a pumpkin for a nose. It’s always fun to find something new.

    These paintings line the hallway on the ride.

    We exited Haunted Mansion right at 10:02 and were wondering if maybe they hadn’t closed the line for Monsters Inc. Nope. There were trash cans in front of the doors and the lines were chained off. We slowly made our way out of the park. We slowly walked around and then through the castle one last time then turned to look at it once we were through, just taking it all in. Then it was a slow meander around the hub looking at everything one last time.

    All the stores on Main Street were closed by now, so there’s not really any more shopping to do. We make our way out of the world bazaar and out the main gates. We boarded the monorail and got off one stop later at our hotel. A quick stop by the convenience store to grab food for breakfast tomorrow morning and then up to our room.

    Our Disney vacation is done. We all had was a great time and it was great to share the experience with friends. Theresa and I were at Disneyland for 7 days total. We were able to do some many cool things, see just about every show I think, and go on some great rides and make some great memories. Ruston, Jacob, Theresa and I still talk about it and all the fun memories we had while we were there.

    One thing I wanted to note about the hotel room. I noticed earlier when we left I had to pull on the door to shut it and to make it lock, otherwise you could just push the door open. I tried it when we got back, and sure enough, the door just pushed open. Must have been when they came to clean it they didn’t pull it shut and just assumed it was closed and locked. Nothing out of place though when we went inside.

    A couple of quick showers and then we watched a few more minutes watching Aladdin before Theresa couldn’t keep her eyes open. Tomorrow we’re waking up and packing, eating breakfast, then catching a ride to the airport. Hopefully we can pack all this stuff into our carry-on bags. Not too bad doing 15 days in Japan with only a carry-on bag.

    Only a 10 hour flight back, though the time change is going to make it difficult. I've got one more update after this. It'll have a few more photos that I just didn't know where to include them.

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    Too bad the trip report is coming to an end soon. I've enjoyed it very much. You guys have seemed to see more of Japan in this trip than I have in my past 6 or 7 trips. My trouble is that I can't seem to get there for more than a week & most of that time is spent at the parks.

    Glad you had such a great time & hopefully you can visit again soon.

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    Re: Joe's Tokyo Disney trip report - October 1st to 16th, 2011 - Lots of pictures

    I might've missed it, but did you include any construction pics of Toy Story Midway Mania at TDS' American Waterfront?
    Greatest trip report I've seen on micechat, thanks for sharing.

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