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    New cast uniforms for "it's a small world."

    Hello everyone. Long time no post! I am a frequent-as-possible TDL goer who lives in Saitama.
    Was in TDL yesterday for Easter Wonderland and my friend and I noticed that the cast members on "it's a small world" weren't wearing their regular costumes. (I don't have a picture of my own, but here is a link to a picture where you can see what it looks like.)

    This was the new costume.
    What do you think? I was a little bit sad, because the old costume was my favorite ride-costume in the park.

    I spent most of the day doing Easter event things (watched the parade twice, did Easter Drawing Class, Easter egg hunt, shopping, etc.) so I didn't ride any other rides except for Pirates of the Caribbean, which was the same. Did anyone notice if there are any other attractions or shops where the costume has changed?

    When I asked the cast member, she said the costumes changed on April 1 of this year.
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    Re: New cast uniforms for "it's a small world."

    I liked the old ones better too. The new one doesn't look like it matches the theme of the attraction. It does seem like a Fantasyland costume though. I liked the gondalier inspired originals though...

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    Re: New cast uniforms for "it's a small world."

    The new costume is themed for the rest of Fantasyland, but not really for "it's a small world". Maybe it's a problem with the venitian gondolas costume at TDS !?

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