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    How should TDR address the Potter threat.

    So Universal Studios Japan has announced its going to be building its very own Harry Potter expansion area. With the suscess of the one at Islands of Adventure. My question is do you feel the Tokyo Disney Resort should come up with its own expansion or new attraction. Or should it handle the threat like WDW did and ignore it. Since it doesn't seem to have done that Resort any lasting damage. Obviously the biggest percent of Guests to the Resort come from the Kanto region. And I don't think the addition of Potter will be a threat to them. But outside of that region it could be interesting. Especially if your located between Osaka and Tokyo. I would imagine Harry Potter has a big fanbase in Japan. And that some might want to check it out. That I'm sure is what Universal Japan are hoping for anyway.

    So it will be interesting to see if the Tokyo Disney Resort will decide to respond to this move.
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    Re: How should TDR address the Potter threat.

    Are there any details about HP yet? Is it gong to be a copy of the Florida version? By the way is the HP land that Hollywood is getting a copy as well?

    Is the Universal park in Japan also owned by NBCUniversal or is it owned and opereated by a Japanese company under a licencing agreement, like TDR?

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    Re: How should TDR address the Potter threat.

    it is owned/ operated by an investment group
    Yes it will be similar.
    Here is an article that will give you better insight.
    Harry Potter heads to Universal Studios Japan -

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