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    Is Tiana present in the parks?

    Someone told me that the parks in Asia do not feature Tiana as much as the parks in the US and in Europe, yet Rapunzel is featured heavily? Is this true? I'm planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland and I would like to see Tiana speaking Japanese. :P

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    Re: Is Tiana present in the parks?

    I havent seen niether Tiana or Rapunzel. Semes the parks in Japan feature more toons characters than princesses. I could be wrong...
    I never was much for princesses anyway
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    Re: Is Tiana present in the parks?

    TDR features neither characters. And Tiana would most likey speak English even if she was visiting Japan.

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    Re: Is Tiana present in the parks?

    The parks are full of princesses: they all speak English and are portrayed by Western cast members.

    There are no black people in Japan, hence the people of color in Big Band Beat are quite an anomaly. I don't know if Princess and the Frog did any kind of decent business in Japan, but the Japanese are big fans of jazz (it's always been more popular in Japan than in the United States) so bringing in Princess Tiana would seem like a no-brainer.
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    Re: Is Tiana present in the parks?

    No way. Even when the Disney Stores in Japan import princess merchandise, like the new Animators' Collection series or Kidada's Wish-a-Littles, Tiana is systematically omitted. Aurora, strangely, is also not present in the AC doll line-up here, but Rapunzel is and has been featured heavily on the Disney Store website and in merchandising, both at the Disney Store and with partners in merchandise for coin machines and stuff. Tiana never received such attention. While both may be excluded from the parks, Rapunzel has been significantly and continuously more effectively marketed and apparently better embraced than Tiana, take from these facts what you will. I even saw a flyer in the Disney Store last week for some kind of "princess digest" that included all of the classic six plus Rapunzel. No Tiana. Take from it what you will; seems pretty black and white to me.

    PS: I'm a black man who's lived in Asia for ten years, seven of those in Japan. I see other black men and women here all the time, every day. If we're talking about natives, we'd be talking about Caucasians, too. So I guess if the idea is that nobody but black folks wanna support a black princess, one wonders why that doesn't apply to the other princesses? Unless, of course, everyone naturally dreams of being white. But I don't think that's true…unless it's programmed, by omission. Of course it could just be that Tiana's movie didn't do a lot to portray her as either a princess nor a human, and maybe people just wouldn't buy it.
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