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    TDL Opened Early, again. Why?

    Once again, on Monday TDL opened early.
    It was scheduled to open at 9am (according to website and at the Park).
    At 815am hotel guest were let in, and at 835am they opened it to the general public.

    Does anyone know why sometimes the Park open earlier than scheduled?
    This happened to me twice last Halloween season, as well.

    Don't get me wrong, I love it when that that happens, especially when you're there early (like you should always be at TDR). I'd just like to know if there's a way to figure it out so I can build it into my plans. Because now, I'm having to arrive 1.5 hours ahead of schedule on the off chance that it will open early.

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    Re: TDL Opened Early, again. Why?

    I know it is very odd, it happen to us as well in October. While this is traditionally out of the norm for the Japanese people, I think it is a fun surprised for them!

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    Re: TDL Opened Early, again. Why?

    It happened to me last October, and again this April. I think they do it based upon the size of the crowd expected and the number of people waiting at the gates. Sometimes it gets so crowded in front of Tokyo Disneyland before the gates open that it could easily turn into a madhouse anywhere other than Japan.
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