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    Re: Very interesting JTB pamphlet! (Christmas Wishes 2012)

    It will be the Fantasmic hat....

    I will miss the stage show :-(

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    Thumbs up Re: Very interesting JTB pamphlet! (Christmas Wishes 2012)

    Hm...I'm kinda hoping there will still be two daytime shows in Waterfront Park and the harbor show at night. That would be my Christmas Wish come true.^^

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    Re: Very interesting JTB pamphlet! (Christmas Wishes 2012)

    This article shows a very tilted hat. Even if it were to be programmed to be a tree, it would look like the tree is falling over.

    Off-base festivities - Military Life - Stripes

    This photo shows the tree where it looks more straight up.

    Fantasmic! | Tokyo DisneySea

    Here is another one where it really is tilted.

    Fantasmic! | Tokyo DisneySea

    Unless the show designers really don't care that their tree will be tilted for most of the viewing audience, I'd say that they are two different floats. I could be wrong. Just going to have to wait until the show premieres.

    Also wondering why you say this is a three year old show??!?!! None of us have seen it in the past, so that is why we don't know if the float is from Fantasmic! or not. If you mean the Christmas Wishes "event name", how long a event name is used doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the shows. The Christmas Fantasy event name at TDL has been around for years (1990s) yet they keep having updated and new shows and parades. And if Christmas Wishes were to go away at TDS for a new name, that doesn't necessarily mean they couldn't use the tree again.

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