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    Toy Story Mania Wait Time Impact on Other Attractions

    The wait times for Toy Story Mania are crazy! For those of you at TDL or TDS, my questions are about the impact on other attractions. Are the wait times for other rides long too (because there are so many people in the park) or are they smaller (because everyone is waiting for Toy Story)?

    Also, does anyone know if the parks are reaching capacity?


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    Re: Toy Story Mania Wait Time Impact on Other Attractions

    At Tokyo Disneyland, it seems like the park is less crowded since the major E-Ticket rides have a 20~30 minute wait(except Pooh).

    In DisneySea, the park is crowded and the E-Ticket rides have a 40~50 minute wait. I think Toy Story is bringing more guests into the park
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    Re: Toy Story Mania Wait Time Impact on Other Attractions

    That would make sense since the general shift since year 5 of DisneySEA has been a slow migration over there. It took years, and Duffy, to get guests over there. By comparison, it just took the opening of CarsLand to do the same thing at the Disney Resort in Anaheim in one week.
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