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    Re: Poster Art of Tokyo Disney Resort

    Quote Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
    Thanks for the Disney Sea posters! I also enjoyed your Tokyo trip report A LOT
    Glad you liked my report! We loved Tokyo Disneyland so much, we're trying to take Theresa's entire family out there next year (10 people plus us!). I'll have to get the nieces and nephews to be brave so we can come see you at the Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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    Re: Poster Art of Tokyo Disney Resort

    Roger55--I was also there on Saturday morning for the book signing. I hadn't seen Rolly Crump for a few years and it was nice to chat with him, and I own a few pieces of Larry Nikolai's original artwork so it was nice to meet him.

    The book is great--I spoke to the authors and they weren't forced to cut it down in size or edit anything out because of space restrictions, which was good to hear. Well worth buying.

    Regarding the comment about a different version of the Pirates of the Caribbean poster, I have two versions of the old Teacups poster. Different printing on the bottom and slightly different hue of background color. One has a sponsor at the bottom and the second doesn't. I think that the gaining or losing of a sponsor is usually the reason a new printing of a poster was done.
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