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    Which Park for a Saturday Night in October?

    My friend and I will be in Tokyo for the weekend on Oct 27, and we are trying to decide which park to go to on Saturday night. We've been to Tokyo Disney Resort several times, (most recently in May) but we've never been for Halloween. We only have Sat evening, and are planning to get a starlight pass. What is your opinion? We know it's going to be busy, since it's so close to Halloween, and a Saturday... and apparently some kind of local holiday(?) So, which is the better park for Halloween?

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    Re: Which Park for a Saturday Night in October?

    That weekend is one of the few days adults can dress up and go in to TDL, so it's very packed. I feel like it out-ranked Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom it was so busy! We loved seeing the other park guests dressed up so that was well worth it. The costumes are incredible!

    Conversely, TDS seemed very manageable. Much less crowded.

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    Re: Which Park for a Saturday Night in October?

    I TDS and the DisneySEA dramatic take on Halloween is much more my taste than the more whimsical TDL approach. That said, if you've never been to the Tokyo Resort for Halloween to see guest costumes before, I'd say that's not to be missed. Have a camera and enjoy peoplewatching. It will be very crowded, so go at least 90 minutes early in the morning, FastPass all day, and just enjoy the costumes during your inevitable wait times and breaks. A lot of the best cosplayers don't ride attractions at all, so be sure to spend some time in common areas like the castle forecourt, just taking it all in.

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