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    Funny TDS CM/Streetmoshphere

    This just popped up in my YouTube suggestions (apologies if this has been posted before - couldn't see a thread on it). From what I can gather in the description he's been appearing since February this year.

    Its quite a clever act, and proves that sometimes humour works across the language barrier.

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    Re: Funny TDS CM/Streetmoshphere

    Never saw him before ... very funny.
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    Re: Funny TDS CM/Streetmoshphere

    I have seen other's but not this one, thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Funny TDS CM/Streetmoshphere

    Love this atmosphere cast member! This always brings a smile to guests faces. It's been going on for a couple of years now and there where special performances before Be Magical! at Lido Isle and with Goofy at Mysterious Island during the 10th anniversary year!
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