As I noted, everyone seems to enjoy the different hotels for different reasons.

Nice to know that the Ambassador gives early entry to Tokyo Disneyland! Thanks.

Each hotel has advantages. It's a very different experience when you stay at The Ambassador and always take a bus to the parks then when you are using the monorail a lot.

Because of the expense, I have never stayed at one of the park view rooms at either the Miracosta or Disneyland Hotel. I'd much rather use that $200 a day for souvenirs and food!!!! I'm rarely in my room staring out the window.

I made an error in my previous post: for DisneySEA early entry, they lead you to the LEFT and stop just at the entrance to Mediterranean Harbor until opening time (unless that's changed in the past year or two). Early entry at Tokyo Disneyland is different: you can actually enter the park 15 minutes early and get on line for attractions (but no FastPasses are distributed until opening time).