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    Food Recommendations??

    We have a few favorites, which I'm afraid puts us in a rut when it comes to eating at TDR. So, I thought I would ask what are some of the places you enjoy eating in both Disneyland and DisneySea? Is there a particular snack -- in addition to popcorn -- that you like to get?

    Getting excited about our upcoming trip! It has been 2.5 years since we've visited

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    Re: Food Recommendations??

    from what I can remember this is some of what I enjoyed when I went in January/February 09

    Tokyo Disneyland

    Breakfast SweetHeart Cafe ( Its perfect for grab and go if its not busy)
    Lunch/Dinner Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall
    Lunch/Dinner Grandmas Saras kitchen

    Tokyo Disney Sea
    Breakfast Mamma Biscottis Bakery (again quick grab and go)
    Lunch New York Deli (American Waterfront) Pretty good sized sandwiches at decent prices
    Lunch Cape Cod Cook off (American Waterfront) I went pre-Duffy when they still showed Donalds Boat Builders the food was good

    Sailing Day Buffet a little expensive but I liked the food choices

    Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels (Mira Costa Hotel)
    Breakfast Bella Vista Lounge Breakfast buffet (great selection and a wonderful view try to come early before TDS opens and watch the running of park guests)

    Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
    Drinks and Snacks Dreamers Lounge . Love the place great place for adults to relax with appetizers and snacks

    Looking glass Gifts- They have some sandwiches that I doubled as breakfast on mornings when I had early entry . They were tasty reasonably priced and kept me going until lunch

    I sampled mostly popcorn , Gyoza buns as snacks.

    Enjoy the trip cant wait to see photos and hear about your food experiences
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    Re: Food Recommendations??

    Gyoza buns always have lines. They are good but not anything special at all. Donīt waste over 15 minutes inline for them.

    If you are used to big portions... go for buffet style restaurants. The portions are tiny... really tiny.

    Just look at the size example here (it might even look bigger than it is):

    <font color="#333333">
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    The world according me:

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    Re: Food Recommendations??

    I love the gyoza dogs, but I won't wait over 15 minutes for one!

    Since it is imposible for me to know what your tastes are, I won't even try to tell you if you would like them or not. However, if you enjoy Chinese baos(steamed buns) and pork potstickers, you may want to try the gyoza dogs if the line is not insanely long.

    The food choices are TDR are numerous. Best suggesting I can give you is to get the Japanese Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySEA "Today" guide as you enter the park.

    Even though it is in Japanese, you can see in the guide a lot PICTURES of the food/snack offerings happening at that time. You can always ask a CM where something is being sold if it isn't written in English in the guide.

    Another suggestion would be to buy a copy of the Japanese "Disney Fan" magazine prior to your visit. It also shows a lot of PICTURES of the food/snack offerings at the two parks. Just be sure to get a recent issue that reflects the offerings for the time of your visit (i.e. Christmas, spring, summer, Halloween, etc.).

    The Disney Fan magazine can be found at some Japanese bookstores in the US or purchased online. The "date" of the current issue is always two months ahead of the release date. Right now the January 2013 issue is on sale since it was released November 22.

    Lastly, you can go to the official TDR Japanese website. Although it is in Japanese, you can get a very good idea of what is being offered.

    Tokyo Disneyland Restaurant List
    ????? | ??????????
    Tokyo Disneyland Food/Snack Recommendations
    ???????? | ??????????

    Tokyo DisneySEA Restaurant List
    ????? | ?????????
    Tokyo DisneySEA Food/Snack Recommendations
    ???????? | ?????????
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    Re: Food Recommendations??

    Since we are Americans (not to stereotype) We generally eat at the buffets for a late day lunch and then snack in the evening.

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    We were sent over there with the message that only we would defend Disney quality.. We learnt quickly that the Japanese culture speaks to a level of quality that is hard to comprehend. They were all unbelievably skilled and willing to do the right thing.
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    Re: Food Recommendations??

    I like the Curry Stick that's found in the Arabian Coast area.
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