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    Help Needed Choosing Dates

    My husband and I are heading to Tokyo next week. We'll be there for Spring Break week, but I didn't have much of a choice since my school district is on Spring Break as well. I've been looking at the crowd calendar (ディズニーランド ディズニーシー 混雑予想カレンダー) and I'm confused as to what dates we should plan to visit TDR. I know it's going to be crazy crowded, but we'll just have to deal with it. Here's my issue: weekdays are traditionally the recommended days to visit. We will be in Tokyo 3/23 (late afternoon) - 4/1. According to the crowd calendar, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of that week are going to be maximum capacity days. We are going to buy our tickets online, so I need to know what dates to use. If the crowd calendar is correct, I am thinking of going to TDL on Sunday, TDS on Monday and then using Tuesday and Wednesday as our park hopping days. I'd love to do the after 3pm ticket on Saturday, but I think it would be close to 6pm before we would be able to get to TDR. What do you all recommend?

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    Re: Help Needed Choosing Dates

    Are you traveling in from the States and arriving on Saturday? If so, while it would tempting to do the evening passport, I'm going to say that you will need that time to decompress from the traveling. Particularly, too, if you don't think you could be to the parks prior to 6 pm. My advice would be to check-in to your hotel, have some dinner, unwind in your room, and be well rested, ready to hit the parks first thing in the morning!

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    Re: Help Needed Choosing Dates

    After 6 Passports are available on weeknights as long as it isn't a National Holiday. Startlight Passports are avaialbe on weekends and National holidays and allow you to enter after 3:00PM.

    I think the general consensus here is that weekends should be avoided at all costs. Most every weekend is terribly crowded.

    Unfortunately, during the time you are there corresponds to Japan Spring Break and as you noted the weekdays will also be very crowded.

    I looked at the crowd calendar. I think all days will be equally as crowded. I think you will just have to decide and take the plunge.

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