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    Wait Times other than Deep Disney?

    For some reason, I have been getting an error message when trying to get the Tokyo Disneyland wait times page on Deep Disney. Is there an official Disney page that I'm not aware of that shows that days wait times/FP distribution times? Or non-official page other than the Deep Disney? It's weird that it works for me when I'm at the office, but no luck trying to get it to work on my home computer(s).

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    Re: Wait Times other than Deep Disney?

    I used the TDR INFO app. on my iphone when I was there. It is mostly in Japanese, but it shows pictures of the attractions so it's easy to tell what they are. Just make sure you get the times guide in English when you're there if you want to see shows and parades. I don't recall the app. having that info.

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    Re: Wait Times other than Deep Disney?

    You can always do it the old-fashioned way: look at the tip board.
    There's one at the front of the hub in Tokyo Disneyland, and TWO at DisneySEA: one at the front of the harbor on the left, and one at the Saludos Amigos greeting dock in Lost River Delta.
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