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    Crowds During Anniversary Week 2014

    Tokyo Disneyland 30th Anniversary is on April 15, 2014. By coincidence, I will be there that week.
    1) I would expect Disneyland crowds to be more than normal. Best to avoid that day?
    2) Will the Monday thru Thursday crowds that week be more than normal for both parks? Any idea how much?
    3) Would DisneySea crowds be greater on the 15th, or just at Disneyland?
    4) Would I be better off going the following week?

    I would appreciate any advice from veterans of prior milestone anniversaries. Thanks !

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    Re: Crowds During Anniversary Week 2014

    Ummmm.... the 30th anniversary is THIS YEAR (the park opened in 1983). 2014 will be the 31st anniversary.

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    Re: Crowds During Anniversary Week 2014

    As already pointed out, next year will not be a major anniversary. April 15th should be a relatively normal spring weekday at both parks.

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