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    Re: Local thoughts on Tokyo Disney?

    The 'bean counters' at WDW also provide much more free entertainment in the parks than at other Disney properties. I agree that maintenance is a problem, among others, but I am not sure why you are bitter about Disney Dining: it is either popular or not, but nobody has to dine out at all; there are many counter service options with no reservations. If it is popular, that's because Disney has made their dining into a 'destination.'

    The fact is that a value resort customer can get free transportation from the airport plus all the benefits of staying onsite. A pretty good deal I'd say.

    As fas as MK feeling like a shopping mall.... the walkways are roomier (no 'wall of strollers' come at you like at DL) and the castle is a lot bigger and more impressive.

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    Re: Local thoughts on Tokyo Disney?

    ^ Shelemm, I appreciate the bit of rationality you've brought to the discussion: which has nothing to do with the topic at hand, lol.

    I'll never understand why people think Tokyo Disneyland can do no wrong. I'm guessing the rose colored glasses thing comes from Tokyo's (well deserved) reputation of doing everything the proper "Disney way". But realistically, they're a glorified shopping mall too. Why is it that Tokyo's World Bazaar has fewer "unique" stores and attractions when compared to DLR, WDW and DLP yet it's not a glorified shopping mall? They literally have an entire portion of the emporium devoted to queues for the rows of cash registers... this is not Disney Magic. Of course, it's what the crowds dictate, I'd hate to see what it would look like running like DLR or WDW with registers dispersed amongst the merch like a true old time dept store. Again though, it's not authentic at all. Seemed like a shopping mall to me.

    As far as the "Magic Kingdom is too spread out, too many stores and no unique attractions" arguments I always hear- I must ask- compared to what? I see no difference between MK and Tokyo Disneyland as far as these arguments go. Besides Honey Hunt, there's nothing overly unique at Tokyo Disneyland. It's cluttered with clones and VERY VERY dated lands. Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are quite honestly appalling in their appearance. Of course, they're well kept, but I will happily keep "new Fantasyland" and WDW's (now dated) "new Tomorrowland" compared to Tokyo's offerings. The slurry all around the park is some of the tackiest stuff I've seen at *ANY* park, Disney or not. If WDW's lands very covered in that garbage slurry and still looked that dated, people would be outraged. And it's not just because it's "classic", it's terrible. Again, is this just rose colored glasses? I mean Horizons and World of Motion would look ridiculously outdated if they still ran at EPCOT, which is equivalent to what some of the attractions at TDL's Tomorrowland are. If you took Tokyo Disneyland as a whole, picked it up and traded it for WDW or Disneyland people would be 100% disgusted with their replacement here in the states.
    Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of concerns with WDW along with the other resorts (especially Paris, like anyone else whose visited, lol). But why is it that TDR receives universal praise despite those glaring shortcomings? TDS is my favorite park on earth, and TDR as a whole is an excellent destination. But quite frankly, I had no interest in visiting TDR before TDS was built. I completely agree that guest service is outstanding at TDR, and I get that TDS is the best park on earth. It's totally worth visiting and one of the greatest destinations on the planet as far as I'm concerned- but TDR itself is nothing but a very old feeling Magic Kingdom with superior operations/upkeep.

    I don't really need to fly halfway around the world to have excellent Disney service, I'll make do with the (normally) excellent guest service I receive at the North American Disney Parks. I've been to all of the Disney parks except HKDL, and I've been to every single moderate/large sized theme park in the US (over 100). Disney stands head and shoulders above the rest. It's not even close. So to say Tokyo is way better than WDW or to lob insults at WDW really makes me question whether or not you're being realistic with your expectations. The Splash Mtn deal is lame, I agree. I've seen plenty of the same while visiting Disneyland too.

    Paris: Best themed MK, kept up terribly with horrible employees/operations
    TDL: Half of the park is well themed, the other half looks like it's stuck in the 70's, operations are decent, upkeep is awesome and the best employees
    Disneyland: Best rides within a MK, good upkeep and employees and the best operations
    WDW MK: Most updated, decent upkeep (certainly better than Pressler Disneyland or current DLP), good emplyees and the best operations

    Getting back to the topic at hand:
    I sincerely hope that when Japanese residents visit WDW and DLR, that they see the superior merchandise and themed areas compared to their own Magic Kingdom and go on their own version of Miceage and complain about how terrible looking their own lands within TDL look in comparison. I wonder if they're outraged about the cloning at TDS (Mania, Tower and now Soarin). I hope they look at our resorts through the same rose colored glasses that we view Tokyo through- and complain about their parks just as much.

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    Re: Local thoughts on Tokyo Disney?

    "So to say Tokyo is way better than WDW or to lob insults at WDW really makes me question whether or not you're being realistic with your expectations. "

    You're entitled to your opinion, but you won't find many people around here who agree with you.
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    Re: Local thoughts on Tokyo Disney?

    Many Japanese guests do envy the sheer scale of WDW, and nearly all guests have a romantic respect for the original Disneyland. Nearly every serious Disney fan in Japan has probably been to both and loved both very much, though not preferred them.

    Merchandise is a completely different (and in my opinion, far better) concept in Japan. A few international guests complain about how hard it is to find a "Tokyo Disney" T-shirt here, but in Japan, it's the style of the Resort that makes it clear it's from the Resort. Printing the logo all over everything is neither necessary nor desired. TDR shopping is about quality that is instantly recognizable. Disney in Japan is arguably a kind of "luxury" brand; its image is very different than in the US, which both shapes and is shaped by its very careful local marketing. There's a strong emphasis on design, originality, and fashion. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I personally love it. I have never heard a Japanese Disney fan say anything about the merchandise gap between the US and Japan that wasn't very strongly about how the Japanese experience is preferred.

    As for the dated elements of TDL, it's true that they exist, but Japanese guests don't seem as bothered about it as guests from outside Japan. That said, folks seem really excited when something new happens. And OLC seems interested in making people excited, so maybe more is on the way. For me, it's all about TDS anyway, so I'm good. And about the clones, they're all popular. And they all fit in so well here that they have their own TDR vibe, especially Toy Story Mania, which is amazing.

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    Re: Local thoughts on Tokyo Disney?

    Quote Originally Posted by DuffyDaisuki View Post
    Many Japanese guests do envy the sheer scale of WDW, and nearly all guests have a romantic respect for the original Disneyland.....
    Finally a true local! And it only took 18 replies!

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    Re: Local thoughts on Tokyo Disney?

    I'm not sure if I have a say in this topic as I have only been to TDR once (this year) and have never been to WDW, but judging from the pictures and videos and comments of others, I think I prefer TDL to MK.

    I agree that some areas of TDL may look outdated and I also think that the new fantasyland looks fantastic, I prefer TDL to MK as a whole. Sure the merchandise not have as big of an assortment as other parks but like what DuffyDaisuki said, the merchandise and how they brand it is so unique compared to other parks that you don't need a logo to know its form TDR.

    Also, TDR has plenty of good-quality, unique and in some cases, improved attractions. While Pooh's Hunny Hunt, Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall, Western River Railroad, and Monsters inc ride and go seek may be the only "unique to TDL" attractions, many attractions are improved or better than their Counterparts or take on a totally different theme. Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tiki room (not better but has a different theme) are examples. And while many attractions in WDW are not found in TDL (Carousel of Progress, TLM) there are also attractions in TDL that are not in MK (Snow White, Pinnochio's Daring Journey, Toontown). Maintenance and Service is also superior in TDL. Lets not forget the awesome entertainment in Dreamlights and Happiness is here parades. To my understanding I'm not sure when MK had a truly new and unique Daytime parade until MK gets Festival of Fantasy next year.

    I concede though that New Fantasyland was amazingly designed but besides Be Our Guest Restaurant, all it has is a clone of an ok dark ride and two dumbos (although the new mine train coaster looks really amazing)

    Both parks are very unique in their own right and everyone has their own opinion on which one they prefer but for me personally, I would rather go to TDL than MK.

    *completely off topic BTW (I think)
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    Re: Local thoughts on Tokyo Disney?

    My two cents on this. I think the ongoing comparison of which Disney Park is the best is more a foreign thing. I never had any discussion with Japanese Friends thet their Disney parks are the best, I think this is not in the Japanese Nature. Most are actually surprised when I tell them, that TDL and TDS are sometimes considered as the best Disney parks. Like DuffyDaisuki said, a lot of Fans see WDW as the ultimate travel goal and a lot of couples see this as a top destination for honeymoon.

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