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Thread: Tokyo Travels

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    Re: Tokyo Travels

    Wow amazing! I want to plan a trip here soon!
    Jeff Wayne

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    Re: Tokyo Travels

    The S.S. Columbia has room inside for a dark ride that hasn't been used yet. (This is in addition to Turtle Talk with Crush.)
    Born in a shoebox and making the most of it.

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    Thumbs up Re: Tokyo Travels

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...That's really funny about the knock-off Duffy. Did not notice that!
    I have an unusually keen eye for these things!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    I only wish I knew Japanese so I could understand what the voices narrating the ride were saying!
    On Journey to the Center of the Earth the main thing is missing your tunnel when you were supposed to turn right and exploring too deeply. On 20K Leagues, it's that you drained all your power stunning the Kraken, so the Atlanteans have to help you get back up to the surface.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...Everyone said that you could just walk around the park without riding any of the rides and still get your money's worth... they were right.
    So true.^^

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    Get out of the way! You're blocking the famous Highstone Tower Hotel!
    It's just "Hightower" Hotel. I only mention it cos you seem like you'd wanna know!^^

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    Sailing Day Buffet. I never had a chance to take a peak at the inside, but I loved the name.

    ...Who randomly decides to build a nearly full size ship just as a backdrop for a park? The Oriental Land Compony, that's who!
    I heard it's actually the US Imagineers who fought for the full-size ship with all the details. The way I read it, the OLC wasn't sure it needed to be quite so elaborate. Fortunately, because they weren't fighting their own company, but rather the licensee, they won this fight!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    I enjoyed this detail along the way. It seemed like some sort of foreshadowing at a possible dinosaur ride in American Waterfront or something... Well really it was probably just another elaborate detail that added the extra depth to the park. All the American Waterfront docks were superbly detailed.
    I that dino detail, too!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    It's really a dense park. There's so much going on everywhere.
    SO true.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    Cape Cod... a quiet New England village consumed by Duffy...
    "Proud of Duffy," I think.^^

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    This sub land was perfect. More money was spent on this sub land with no rides than any land in DCA probably. Look at all the boats and that beautiful rockwork. So much to enjoy just by walking around.
    The idyllic charms of Cape Cod are simply fantastic!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    I enjoyed this mural.

    And we got a taste for Duffy-mania!
    I love that mural, too! All of the signage, if you really take the time to read and absorb it, paints a picture of a very complex culture in Cape Cod that I just swoon for! So much layered storytelling in the atmospheric details.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    I'm not familiar with the stateside Duffy's, but he was definitely a bigger deal in Japan!
    Yep!:thumb up:

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    …After Stormrider, it was time to One of the many highly themed tunnels funneling into Mysterious Island. Each one was done slightly different. They didn't just copy and paste the same designs over again if you know what I mean...
    Right! That tunnel is one of my favorite spots in the whole Resort!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    …I was a bit disappointed there wasn't something actually in the Nautalis, but I guess there wasn't much room. I wish they put that elaborate Nautalis restaurant designed for Disneyland's Discovery Bay here! Would have been perfect.
    I've never seen concept art for that restaurant, but I always wish I could board the Nautilus, and that it was interactive in some way…

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    They liked there plasma here. I loved the design of this. I wish they sold little snow globes that looked like this. And inside it would be a little model of DisneySea. And when you shook it, Prometheus would explode and lava would go everywhere. That would be an excellent gift worth of a park of this caliber.

    I'd like to know what drugs the people who think that Carsland has the greatest rockwork ever are on! When you walked through this passageway to Mermaid Lagoon in the other way it was the most incredible site ever.
    I love your snow globe idea, and you are the first person I've ever met who is as crazy about the rock sculpting as me!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...Of course, the ride was even more fun thanks to the enthusiastic Japanese guests and cast members. They were all smiling and waving and it made the ride have a very fun atmosphere.
    Japanese Disney fans really do bring the love! So much heartful fun; I'm glad you appreciate it as much as I do!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...For now, we just had to catch the showing of the Little Mermaid show!
    There was no photography in the theatre, but I really enjoyed the show, and apparently so did everyone else! The story was a severely abridged version of the story that included all the key songs and didn't leave you questioning reality at the end. The Little Mermaid ride should take note. The puppets in the show were especially good. The Ursela puppet was the standout! It was really spectacular.
    The only weird thing about this show is that it must be some kind of "prequel" because Ariel decides NOT to make the deal with Ursula...kinda weird. I'm really excited for the new version next year, which will be a concert performance like the one that was supposed to start the movie...except that Ariel was elsewhere - oops!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    Hey, I recognize these guys.... One man's gift shop decor is another man's ride decoration!
    Too funny! Really? Which attraction, where?

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    There was a really cool play area that was difficult to get many pictures of. It was quite fun to explore.
    So awesome that you can actually BE IN Ariel's special place, and linger as long as you like! I this area.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    It was time for the first roller coaster of the trip: Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster (I think). There was about a 10 minute wait. Very reasonable. I swear, this ride had better theming than anything at DCA when it opened. I think the ride has as much rock work as any E-Ticket, yet this was a kiddie coaster.
    I didn't bother riding anything in Mermaid Lagoon for a year or more. When I finally rode this coaster I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was. More satisfying than Raging Spirits in my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...This archway leeds to a small room with a fountain. You then proceeded down two stairs or a ramp to the main sunken courtyard.
    This place is another of my favorite "moments" at TDS - surreally beautiful.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...The first attraction we his was The Magic Lamp Theater. Which, now that I think of it, is a rather odd name for an attraction. There was hardly a wait, we only had to wait for the doors to open. Additionally, somehow a cast member figured out we weren't Japanese and brought us a translating device. It was pretty helpful and I was able to understand most of the story. Although at some points I just focused on the show and not reading the translations so some parts are a bit fuzzy.
    It's really a comedy show with a lot of ad lib, too, so those parts you wouldn't get with the translator anyway. All you really need to know is that Saban is terrible and Asim is totally awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...The show wasn't themed to Aladdin, by the way, it only focused on the Genie and two new characters. It was very refreshing to have a show that didn't just rehash old characters and old plots

    This was not just a 3D show, although you got 3D glasses. First, you went into the preshow room, were a fluid snake A-A introduces the story of a young apprentice to a great but cruel (I think) wizard who happens across the magic lamp. The magician employs the Genie to help with his magic show (illusions), but is soon overshadowed by the Genie. After the preshow, you go into the main room were basically the magician tries to prove he is the greatest sorcerer in the world or something. Then somehow the Genie saves the apprentice and goes into a version of "Friend like Me" with new lyrics. Oh, and you got wet somehow. The main show incorporated live action and 3D rather nicely. The Genie was really the only 3D element so it was really more than just a simple 3D show.
    You love it for all the same reasons I do!^^ The "somehow," by the way is that while Saban is distracted (can't remember by what? ...runaway legs?? wait, there's a switching of some sort...ah...can't remember), Asim tricks Saban iinto giving him the key he was looking for at the start of the show and unlocks Genie.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...DinseySea deserves the superlatives it gets, including BEST CAROUSEL EVER. Seriously, what's not to love? Genies, griffins, and camels instead of hourses? Check! Double Decker? Check! Amazing name? Check! Super detailed ride structure? CHECK!
    It's great as carousels go, but I've only done it once and that was enough for me. It's a gorgeous architectural structure, though. Wish I could say the same about Jasmine's Magic Carpets...Ugh.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    It was tricky because of the lighting, but I managed to get some pictures from above of the nameless courtyard. Can I recommend it be called Sultan's Courtyard? It'd make describing things much easier. It looks like it could go on forever. Such amazing sight lines.
    Actually, during Spring Carnival I think there was a sign that called it "Jasmine's Garden," and I'm pretty sure it's where we see her sitting with Raja in the movie after she gets so mad at the Sultan. I am often wrong, though, so don't just take my word for it!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...Add another 30 minutes and then it'll start looking more like the DisneySea lines I've read about.
    You really lucked out with lines. What day was this, like which day of the week?

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    Sorry about the ultra harsh lighting from the harsh arabian sun, I did my best to edit it.
    Love it!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    Disney SEA Sinbad's Storybook Voyage- complete ride music - YouTube

    Life is an adventure
    Even though we have no map
    Let's go seek out treasures
    Believe in the COMPASS OF YOUR HEART!

    Of course, the next ride in our coverage of Arabian Coast is Sinbad's Storybook Voyage, perhaps the coolest Disney ride created in the last two decades for a couple reasons:

    1. It's not based on existing Disney IP.
    2. It doesn't rely on thrills. It uses the old fashioned boat in trough used in It's A Small World.
    3. It has the most kick *** original score ever!

    These are some of the reasons why I feel this ride can stand right up there with Pooh's Hunny Hunt and Journey to the Center of the Earth as one of the best rides at Tokyo Disney.
    Again, my thoughts exactly. Plus, the message is just sooooo inspiring and beautiful! Here's my own personal localization of the lyrics, based on a snippet of Alan Menken performing it and the Story Papers they give out at the park. As usual, though, I took liberties where I wanted. The Japanese is different from when Menken sings, so I gave myself wiggle room. It tends to lean more faithful to the Japanese, I think...but in some places it's a bit different from both, my own. Also, it's still "rough."^^:


    Set your sails to the heavens, and soar on the breeze
    Blue skies on the horizon and wide, open seas
    Life’s a voyage, a journey, it shines like a dream,
    Its wondrous treasures nearer than they seem

    Rough waves threaten your progress, as storms sometimes rage
    Learn to flow with the currents, sail on – true and brave
    Fear not uncharted waters, just open your heart
    You’ll find true friends to shine light in the dark

    Fair winds hasten your journey, and fill you with hope
    Steer bold with anticipation as you learn the ropes
    Lend a hand whenever you can, wherever you blow
    Kindness and courage guide you as you go

    Life’s a fantastic adventure
    There is no map, there’s no chart
    So if you seek life’s true treasures
    Follow the compass of your heart

    Gems sparkle bright
    Gold also shines
    Greater wealth only the heart can find

    Life’s a fantastic adventure
    There is no map, there’s no chart
    So if you seek life’s true treasures
    Follow the compass of your heart

    In our hearts we know
    That what matters most
    Are the priceless gifts from heart to soul

    Now we’ve found what we sailed for, it’s not gems or gold
    These great treasures discovered can't be bought or sold
    It’s the journey, the voyage, the memories made
    And all the friends we meet along the way

    Life’s a fantastic adventure
    There is no map, there’s no chart
    So if you seek life’s true treasures
    Follow the compass of your heart

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...For some bizarre reason, the Japanese locals don't agree with me. The ride never had more than a ten minute wait, although throughout the our first day it never passed five. This is probably due to reasons 1 and 2 I listed above.
    Sometimes it's fairly busy, actually, but the main thing that I think keeps the wait time down is that the ride vehicles seat a ton of people and many can run at the same time, so it's incredibly effiecient. But, yeah, it would probably be busier if it was Mickey or Duffy's Storybook Voyage.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...The ride follows Sinbad's adventures. I'll explain it more in detail lately. I didn't really get it the first time. The whole ride was very styalized to feel like an Arabic storybook, if there even is such a thing...

    In which Sinbad uses a magic feather to free a friendly Ogre...

    ...Who then proceeds to harmonize with Sinbad...

    Sinbad's ship collected more and more treasures in every scene. Yay! Interaction!

    Next scene! I promise I'll explain it all when we get to day four. :o
    Oops! I was about to offer some explanation, but I'll wait for that! Also, if you haven't seen videos of the old version of the attraction, I strongly encourage it. Thinking of the new version as if the original Sindbad had a change of heart (I like to think when he found poor, orphaned Chandu - who was not part of the story before the refurb^^) and realized the error of his ways makes "Compass of Your Heart" even more powerful. It adds a significant layer to the story for me to realize that all those "Forty Thieves" (I've never actually counted ) were originally Sindbad's crew attacking the Rukh birds and stealing from the Giant. Plus, the friendship has really chilled those Monkeys out and made them share BANANAS instead of hurling boulders...though they are still all kinds of crazy! I the banana smell. Reminds me of Hunny Hunt.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...This part too was difficult to photograph. Go to Japan!

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    ...The final ride in our sweep was the controversial Jasmine's Flying Carpets. Once again, wait time: 5 minutes.
    Oh, is it controversial? I thought we just all thought it was ugly! Seriously, I love some of the tiles (although they look like new DISNEYDISNEYDISNEY things rather than aged Arabian Coast things. I like Raja with the other tiger at the entrance, too. There are things to like about it. But it is a classic case of "one of these things is not like the others" and looks noticeably cheaper and more "theme park" than literally every other thing in TDS, even Mermaid Lagoon. Of course, that's just my opinion and shouldn't be taken to mean I expect anyone to share it.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    The ride provided some awesome views of this corner of the park. Plus, the tilting mechanism actually worked!
    This is its redeeming quality. Hopefully someday it gets a repaint and carved or more historically painted tiles. If it looked better, I'd like it better, although its big whirly thing just right there for no reason placement will always be an issue. There are no big whirly things in classic Arabia. At night, when you can't see it as well, it's much more tolerable, and the views are nice. Plus, maybe it pulls more traffic down there and more people will ride Sindbad. Sindbad should be everyone's least in the top ten...or three.

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    Thanks for reading.
    Thanks for writing - and the AMAZING photos! I'm really enjoying it!^^
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