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    My magic+ coming to TDR?

    this week Disney was at JATA convention center in Tokyo and they made some promotional campaigns all the resorts all over the world and Including My Magic+ in Japanese Version.So what do you think that MM+ might come to other Resorts in the near future just like WWOHP in Universal Resorts all over the world

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    Re: My magic+ coming to TDR?

    It's a good question, I'm not sure if it will be coming here any time soon but who can say. I would imagine OLC would like to see how it works out for WDC since it is a very new program. Another thing to think about is that they just changed the ticket reading system for the parks right? Would they want to change it again so soon? How would they incorporate into the Vacation Packages? Guests in these packages already have extra FP's and are already paying for it, is spending money on this new system worth it right now? For WDW where guests stay longer it makes more sense, at TDR it would be really discouraging for people who buy a day ticket same day. Wouldn't it be cheaper for OLC to implement just paying by IC card/cellphone at the resort if they want to increase impulse purchases?
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    Re: My magic+ coming to TDR?

    Tokyo Disneyland was very late in getting rid of ticket books. They'll be the last resort to adopt My Magic + (which should be more properly labled "minus magic"), if they ever do.
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