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    TDL Admission Prices?

    Hello all!! My sister and I are planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland in September!!

    We were wondering how much the admission will be for Tokyo Disneyland (in American $$) - Do they have Park Hopper tickets?

    Any help will be GREATLY appreciated! THANKS!

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    Hey GeneralShang!

    Here is a link from TDL's site letting you know the price's of Passports:

    Passport Info!

    Here is an easy link to convert Yen into US dollars:
    Convert YEN to US Dollars Then click on currency calculator!

    TDL does have a hopper ticket, however the downfall is that you must select one park on the first day and the other park will be your second day. The third and possibly fourth days are your choice.

    I am going in November!! Can't Wait!

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    Thank you very much!
    Hopefully prices won't change from now until my trip so that we can plan our budget!
    $97 USD for a 2 day ticket... we can probably fit that in.

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