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    Tokyo Disneyland Easter Season

    The sun is shining, winds are calm and it is time for me to enter one of the best parks in the world.

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    It’s easter time in Disneyland. As always the park is decorated in a very clever way with centerpieces in the gardens and characters in egg form spread across the lands.

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    Most important is that just after a two ear run the easter parade was replaced with a brand new. The old parade was in my opinion the best Disney daytime parade ever. It had floats with a very smart and colorful design. It even featured Oswald The Lucky Rabbit for the first time in Disneyland. The soundtrack was uptempo and very catchy, simply superb. Mickey would go from float to float and the costume would change depending on where in the parade he was. The new parade seemed to be all about flowers. It is not at all as elaborate as the old one. I canīt understand what the idea behind this change was. The showstops did not have those smart elements from the old parade. The music is still great, based on the old parades soundtrack but not at all as powerful and catchy as it was before. Some parts of the soundtrack featured a bounce sound that was really annoying. The old parade also featured a nice outro when it ended. In this new one the music just stops. If this was in Paris or even in the parks in USA this would have been a great addition. But after having seen the old easter parade in Japan all I can be is disappointed by the sequel that isn’t as good at all.

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    An old couple relaxing.

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    Will the edge of the moat in Orlando ever look this good?

    As always the park looks great. But I do tend to notice a few things that needs to be fixed. We all know that tomorrowland isnīt very tomorrow at all, but the rusty bridges and walkways of Autopia of whatever they call their raceway of “tomorrow” just looks bad. The smelly old cars still poison the lands air and makes the area a bit too noisy. The ride is a great idea still today, but it needs to be remade. Even if they threw in Wall-E on a corner it would be a lot better if it was more built like the one in Hong Kong.

    Name 3 lands seen in this picture.
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    Looks good but needs work to signal the future.

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    This was taken in Tomorrowland...

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    Why should guests be able to see this. It just is there for the world to see.

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    This show needs to go.

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    "Let's just sit here for hours and wait for a parade."

    Talking about how things look… the Sheraton green neon light does not scream Fantasyland to me at all. Why can’t the just plant an extra tree of build a Rapunzel tower so I don’t have to stare at a Sheraton Hotel sign when Iīm the place where storybook characters comes alive. Disneyland in Anaheim could donate those trees that make the castle look like a cottage to Tokyo Disneyland. Another thing that look really terrible is Philharmagic. If you want a good 3D experience see Get A Horse. Philharmagic is blurry and outdated. It looks just as old and bad in Tokyo as it does in Orlando. My family has a 3D HD TV that is far, very far superior when it comes to picture and quality and 3D visuals. How can Disney and OLC think that this is OK? Donīt they know that 8K is coming?

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    Looks great!

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    ...but not on the inside. Please Disney, change this.

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    This is taken inside the ride itself. They really need to work on the light.

    A great day with amazing weather is coming to an end. The Electrical Parade is as good as always. TDL has THE best nighttime Disney parade ever made and beats the original by far.

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    The only bad thing I have to say about it is that the newer floats look a bit too good and bright when compared to the older ones. But that is a thing the normal guest wont notice.

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    We all get ready to watch the fireworks. A magical voice tells us that the fireworks are cancelled due to bad weather… Someone in our party suggests that it is an easy way for the park to save money.
    Views and transitions are one of TDL’s biggest problems. The ground needs to be changed and made more like it is in DisneySEA. The best themed land in TDL is Critter country. New pavement that was more themed would change the entire look and feel of the whole park. Just imagine a brick road in World Bazaar. It would be grand. Tokyo Disneyland has made some of the best additions ever in themepark history. The time has come for a change. Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and even Adventureland feel a bit stale today and boulders in BTM are still not moving. By changing the park just a little bit OLC could make it match DisneySEA much more. The difference between the both parks in Tokyo is huge. I am not saying Disneyland is bad. Itīs still very well kept and a great example of how a day at Disney should look like. The rides are superior over their counterparts in USA. I leave Tokyo Disneyland hoping that some other Disneypark will feature the old easter parade and that great soundtrack that sticks and never leaves.

    As always I do the shopping while leaving the parks for the night.
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    A year before this trip came to my mind as a plan I started to plan another trip to Paris. Me and my family would like to take a boy that would become my foster son to Disneyland in Paris. It would be the first time he had the chance to go on a vacation. After a long and hard battle to get his passport we could not think of a more fun and wonderful place for a videogame crazy kidd to go than Tokyo. The visit to Tokyo Disney Resort was the grand finale of the trip that started off as a weekend planned week in Paris. At the last moment when my family finally got the boys passport in our hands we all agreed that going to Disneyland Paris would not only be a waste of money but also not as fun as Tokyo. By adding just a few hundred Euros to our budget we could change the planned Paris trip into a lifetime memory of the greatest city in the world and a visit to the best themepark in the world. His reaction when entering Tokyo Disney Resort is something that will always stay in my memory.
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    Re: Tokyo Disneyland Easter Season

    Thanks for the review! Most of things you said are true!

    And for the magical voice 'Ladies and Gentlement, we regret that due to the weather condition, tonight performance of Happiness on High has been cancelled'... Yes they try to save money! I've been to the parks more than 40 times since last September to today and I can only catch the fireworks twice. HAHAHA

    Visit my pages (Nikkoap92) for lots of pictures from Tokyo Disney Resort ^_^


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    Re: Tokyo Disneyland Easter Season

    Great pics!!! Love the Easter decorations they have. I think that is so awesome that you took your foster son. Those are wonderful memories you all will have for a lifetime.
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    Re: Tokyo Disneyland Easter Season

    When did you visit Timmy? Today was my last day, leave tomorrow!

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    We were sent over there with the message that only we would defend Disney quality.. We learnt quickly that the Japanese culture speaks to a level of quality that is hard to comprehend. They were all unbelievably skilled and willing to do the right thing.
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    Re: Tokyo Disneyland Easter Season

    I was in Disneyland the 14th
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