Looks like Japan is trying to lure tourists in like how Starbucks does, with FREE WI-FI!

NTT is offering free wi-fi service now to tourists not only in Tokyo but across Japan.

Though I found it interesting how there are two apps from NTT being offered, one by NTTBP and the other NTTEAST. Available for both Android and Apple devices.

How can I get free Wi-Fi ID and password? / NTT East Free Wi-Fi Japan / from Tokyo(Narita,Mt. Fuji,Nagano) to Hokkaido(Chitose) / 14 days free of charge, unlimited access, passport, travelers, wireless, Internet

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

The next time I go to Japan I'm going to sign up even though my service provider connects me with NTT Docomo while I'm there for free.

If you're visiting Japan, give it a try and let us know how it is.