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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    TimmyTimmyTimmy, I guess this is almost off-topic,
    but thanks for all of the great photos & comments you've contributed to Micechat over the years! I feel less like I'm wasting time when I'm getting a European perspective.

    Me to a group of friends: "I was chatting with a gentleman from Sweden the other day. . ."
    "Friend": "I bet it was about Disney."
    Me (lying): "No, uh. We were discussing, uh, I mean debating the merits of moving back and forth between capitalism and socialism to create wealth and fight poverty."
    Entire group: "B.S" "He was on Micechat." "How many times has he been to Disneyland? I heard hundreds."
    Me: "Hello, I can hear you!"

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    I have never been to Tokyo Disney Sea before, BUT I have been a BIG fan even before it opened.

    And to say I was jealous that Tokyo got TDS, and at the same time, Disneyland Anaheim got DCA, well, that's an enormous understatement. Well, at least now, DCA has ONE district that meets up to the standards that TDS had on opening day.

    TDS is that perfect almalgamation of EPCOT with it's representation of various countries around the world, with Fantasyland filled with Adventureland type attractions with a splash of Science fiction.

    The only place where TDS may somewhat be falling short, is in the addition of new attractions. They did ok with their version of Tower of Terror and the new storyline, even though they got the lesser DCA version of Tower, rather than the WDW version, where you get on and off in different areas, and the elevator only goes up and down until the pinnacle of the ride.

    Since their ToT, the attraction additions have been lacking. It does look like their outdoor shows are more spectacular than DCA's World of Color, because of the interesting barges they use. But I'm not sure about other stage shows they may have.

    So, for NON Magic Kingdom Parks, TDS is definitely at the top. But personally, I think Walt's original is still the best, with Haunted Mansion, Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Big Thunder, Splash Mt, Matterhorn, Space Mt, Fantasmic! and so many other amazing shows and Parades . . .

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    My heart aches I miss it so much. Thanks for the reminders. I'm so spoilt. I can't even enjoy the original Disneyland anymore. All I think about is TDR.

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    Quote Originally Posted by Aladdin View Post
    So, for NON Magic Kingdom Parks, TDS is definitely at the top. But personally, I think Walt's original is still the best, with Haunted Mansion, Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Big Thunder, Splash Mt, Matterhorn, Space Mt, Fantasmic! and so many other amazing shows and Parades . . .
    I personally feel that many of Disneyland's rides suffers from age. Yes they are too old looking in many ways.
    Hanted Mansion in California needs an update. The moving ghosts may be hated by nostalgic people but the CGI is much better than the old stale looking ones at Disneyland without any interaction.
    Matterhorn feels as old as it is. The snowman could be moving...The preshow in ToT in TDS makes up for the non WDW system.
    Tiki Room needs an update with effects. Atleast Stitch (who many don't like there) is looking pretty damn good.
    Jungle Cruise in Disneyland IS the best one... HONG KONG Disneyland that is.
    Pirates are best enjoyed in Paris. ...also Big Thunder. It doesn't matter how many explosions they add to the original in California but the the Big Thunder in Paris is better. Space Mountain in Paris needs to be a bit reworked... it will be soon. But it is still the best one. Thrilling, effects and the canon part in the beginning all make it an overall better ride than the original. Splash Mountain... it's not in TDS but anyway... the Splash Mountain they have in Japan is THE best. It much, MUCH better than the California one... and that is just in the wait area.

    TDS has Big Band Beat. The show is placed in a theatre that puts any other Disneyland venue in to a dark corner of shame. The show itself is an old broadway type of show, but the theatre is very elaborate and feels real, not themepark real, but REAL. Disneyland in California has a stage in Fantasyland that truly sucks. It is ugly and unthemed. To me it is the perfect example of the notion that anything in the original park is better.

    Sure TDS has many smaller shows that it could be without. They have them there because they can and they have nothing that they need to prove. The main shows Legend of Mythica and Fantasmic! in TDS feel more like major event's than just themepark Disney shows. They also have the litle Mermaid show that really is elaborate. Something about Fantasmic make it not as good as the original ones, but the scale of it in Tokyo makes up for that. The shows are huge and they use the harbour in a way that creates a very grand and once in a lifetime feeling... everyday.
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    The world according me:

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    TimmyTimmyTimmy, I really like your posts and some of your opinions.

    First, I am gonna starting saying that I have never been to TDR or DLR. But, I read about Disney Parks everyday. I am kind of a Disney Parks Geek.

    But, let me say, that comparing DL with TDS is kinda unfair. They are totally different. The comparison would be better if you compare DL with TDL. They are both the Magic Kingdom parks at their resorts.

    And, for me, DL feels slightly better than TDL.

    You said that DL is kinda dated, TDL also is. The Fantasyland and Tommorowland at TDL are looking dated too. The Toontown I would say is a tie. Everything else is in the same standard of Disneyland. But Disneyland has more attractions than TDL. And some of DL attractions are exclusive. Yes, Tokyo Disneyland outshines in some areas(Pooh, Splash, Castle). But, DL outshines Tokyo in another areas too.

    Also, TDL is 30 years old. DL will be 60 years. You can expect that TDL looks newer than DL.

    That said, I would like to say that they make an amazing job keeping Disneyland looking so fresh and well mantained.

    About Paris, yes, they have the best Space Mountain. But DL's Space is very good too. Better than MK and TDL. And, for me, DL's Pirates is better than Paris'. But, this is just my point of view.

    For me, DL is the best theme park in the world. TDS is the second best. But, again DL is different.

    But, if you compare the resorts, yes, Tokyo is much better. Better hotels, better shopping district. The package of Tokyo Disneyland + Tokyo DisneySea is better than the package of Disneyland + Disney California Adventure. And Disneyland has only one hotel that can compare with TDR's hotels(Grand Californian). Paradise Pier feels like a moderate. Disneyland Hotel is luxury, but has a bland sterile look after the refurb. You can find similar rooms at any other city hotel.

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    I think Timmy is right in some points.

    TDS is so unique and it deserves the 1st rank.

    You have to visit and feel it. You may hate it for first time, or you may think it is overrated, keep visiting it again and again and you may dont ever mind to visit any other Disney Parks.

    If I have to choose between TDL and DL. I think I will chose TDL. TDL is the best in overall, but the worst in term of attraction (or may be HKDL). DL has much much better rides IMO. I dont want to compare rides like Timmy, for example, Splash in Tokyo is good but Haunted is suck... So I just enjoy all the rides. but what make I rate TDL the best is the entertainments that they offer. The parades and castle shows at TDL are so so good (both regular and seasonal). I know this is hard for you to understand but if you live in Tokyo, or Japan. You can feel it. Everyday, the park lives by the guests. They contribute to every stage shows and parades. Everyday we have TV news and TV shows about Tokyo Disney Resort and I dont think they can do it at the States because of lake of seasonal entertainments. For me DLP is the most beautiful castle park. DL wins for rides. and TDL is the best in overall, the best satisfactory castle park. TDL doesnt have a blast fireworks show because they simply dont want to do it, so the ticket price could be as lowest at possible. If TDL ever do the fireworks in the future, Im pretty sure none of those fireworks shows at DL, MK and Epcot can beat. Japan is the best in fireworks industry but mostly none of us know this. A small firework show at rural area in Japan during September is already bigger than NY or 4th July fireworks at MK.

    Visit my pages (Nikkoap92) for lots of pictures from Tokyo Disney Resort ^_^


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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    Awesome stuff Timmy Always great to hear other views on these parks - going for the first time this Oct all the way from New Zealand! Cannot freakin wait lol stupid question - but what times are the fantasmic shows?


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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    You guys don't put MK as one of the top, if not the top, park(s). The one thing that stands out with MK is that is handles crowds so well, so while it has more visitors than DL and TDS, it is never packed to the brim as the other parks are. There are times when it is a struggle to move at DL. MK also has top notch attractions, and the only major attraction it doesn't have that DL has is Matterhorn. But, it has SDMT, which is actually a lot better than the jerky Matterhorn in my opinion, and it is much cleaner. It also has the PeopleMover!

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    You can always move around easily at WDS or the old DCA. That doesn't mean they deserved recognition as the top park.

    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a kiddy coaster with dark ride elements. It is a great attraction but shouldn't be compared to the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn was revolutionary when first built (I'm sure I don't need to explain why) and it still packs in a crowd 55 years later.

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    In comparing the parks, it's a bit narrow to only look at so-called Major Attractions. like Matterhorn. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is so unique, and once upon a time its precusor, 20,000 Leagues, was considered a major attraction. I still love it. I also love the Storyland Canal Boats, the DL version of Fantasmic (with its spectacular use of the steam ship and sailing ship), the upgraded Tom Sawyer Island, Alice in Wonderland, and a Main Street that is more like a real Main Street and not just one uninterrupted souvenir shop. They also have more live entertainment on Main Street, at the Diamond Horseshoe, on New Orleans Square, a better dining option at Blue Bayou, and New Orleans Square itself which doesn't exist in MK.

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    In my opinion, the only reason Disneyland is in the "best theme park" conversation with Tokyo DisneySea is because of the nostalgia many people on MiceChat have for it, its pioneering status, and because it's the only park that Walt Disney walked. None of these things make it the "best," they just give it more history, charm, significance, etc.

    If you're approaching this objectively (or at least as objectively as possible), Disneyland cannot touch Tokyo DisneySea in terms of quality as a theme park. The only park that could have approached it would have been EPCOT Center, but that hasn't been true for over a decade.

    ETA: I love Disneyland (it's my 3rd favorite theme park in the world), so this isn't meant to be a dig at it. Just my two cents...

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    Quote Originally Posted by MyDisneySide94 View Post
    Guys have you seen this artwork looks like Disney Seas Final port is Glacier Bay.
    Frozen hype and hullaballoo aside, I'm totally okay with this. It just seems to be the perfect addition, thematically.

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    Completely agreed!

    Huge Thanks from me, too, TimmyTimmyTimmy!

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    Re: The Best Themepark In The World

    I finally got a chance to visit TDR this year and what surprised me was that I enjoyed TDL more than TDS. TDS suffers from many of the same issues DCA did and still has, but I feel it gets a pass because it is so strong in other areas and also because of difference between Japanese and American guests. I'm pretty sure Mystic Rhythms, which turned out to be my second favorite show after only Fantasmic, would have been cancelled a long time ago in one of the American parks or at the very least had some Disney characters inserted into it. I'm not even sure Big Band Beat would have lasted very long with American audiences.

    DCA is probably the best park to compare TDS to. Comparisons of second gates to magic kingdoms aren't really fair since the kingdoms always came first and have more history. Epcot is not a traditional theme park and neither is Animal Kingdom. The two studio parks are considered fairly weak so we are left with DCA and TDS.

    TDS wins hands down in shows and merchandise. Food is a toss up since each is tailored to local tastes. Theming and atmosphere TDS gets the edge, but I would argue it isn't as obvious as one might think. DCA has some painfully weak areas such as Hollywood Pictures Backlot and Paradise Pier, but the parts that are done well (Cars Land and Grizzly Recreation Area) are equal to TDS. Now the one place I would give DCA an advantage over TDS is the ride line up. (This is purely comparing the two parks, not the two resorts as a whole.)

    Transportation Rides
    TDS- Transit Steamer, Electric Railway, Big City Vehicles
    DCA - Red Car Trolley
    Advantage TDS by a wide margin

    Kids Play Area
    TDS - Ariel's Playground
    DCA - Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
    As pretty as Ariel's Playground is, I ask myself which I would have rather played in as a child and the answer is clear. Advantage DCA

    Test Track-Style Ride
    TDS - Journey to the Center of the Earth
    DCA - Radiator Springs Racers
    This will probably be the greatest source of debate, but I believe the newer attraction is better. Too much of Journey's finale is spent in the dark. Advantage DCA

    Dark Ride
    TDS - 20k Under the Sea
    DCA - Monsters Inc
    I certainly admire 20k for its ambition, but even TDS fans admit that it is one of the weaker attractions there due mostly to the awkward ride vehicle configuration. Monsters Inc is solid, but underrated. Slight advantage DCA

    Kids Rides
    TDS - Mermaid Lagoon, Jasmine's Magic Carpets, Caravan Carousel
    DCA - Bug's Land, Jumpin' Jellyfish, Golden Zephyr, Triton's Carousel of the Sea
    These are basically the same rides with different themes. Tie

    3D Movies
    TDS - Magic Lamp Theater
    DCA - MuppetVision 3D, Tough to Be a Bug
    I didn't do the Magic Lamp Theater so I can't really judge it, although I don't think it is highly regarded. So maybe a slight advantage to DCA just because it has 2 movies.

    Kiddie Coaster
    TDS - Flying Fish
    DCA - Goofy's Sky School
    Two different styles of coasters, but ultimately slight advantage to Flounder's Flying Fish simply because it isn't as much of an eyesore. Advantage TDS

    TDS - StormRider
    DCA - Soarin' Over California
    StormRider is fun, but ultimately Soarin' is just more unique of a ride system and should look incredible once it receives digital projection. Advantage DCA

    Big Coaster
    TDS - Raging Spirits
    DCA - California Screamin'
    Maybe you could argue Raging Spirits is better themed, but it is still a weak coaster by any standards while CS is a great coaster. Advantage DCA

    Kind of Educational Stuff
    TDS - Fortress Explorations
    DCA - Animation Building, Bakery Tour, Blue Sky Cellar
    The Animation Building (or more accurately the attractions inside the building) gives the advantage to DCA, although it should be noted that TDS also has Turtle Talk as a separate attraction in American Waterfront. Advantage DCA

    Major Attraction the Other Doesn't Have
    TDS - Indy
    DCA - Grizzly River Run
    GRR is fun, but Indy takes this one by a wide margin. Advantage TDS

    Toy Story
    TDS - Mania
    DCA - Midway Mania
    Since we are just comparing the attractions, TDS wins with the better queue, but it is nice not having to run to get a FastPass at DCA. Advantage TDS

    Tower of Terror
    TDS - Hightower Hotel
    DCA - Twilight Zone
    I would say that this depends on how much you love The Twilight Zone. The TDS version does have many advantages in the better story and queue, but The Twilight Zone version has a better ride sequence. Both are inferior to the WDW version. Tie

    TDS - Arabian Coast Games
    DCA - Games of the Boardwalk
    I give the advantage to TDS since you get a consolation prize even if you lose. Also all their games are player vs house. I dislike player vs player games (the ones where only one person wins each round). Advantage TDS

    Animatronic Heavy Ride
    TDS - Sindbad
    DCA - Ariel's Undersea Adventure
    Even though Ariel is much better now, Sindbad is just flat out awesome. I don't speak a word of Japanese yet that song still somehow got stuck in my head. Advantage TDS

    Minor Attractions
    TDS - Aquatopia, Gondolas
    DCA - Funwheel, Silly Symphony Swings, Junkyard Jamboree, Luigi's Flying Tires
    These are so different it is hard to compare, but when it comes down to it, I'd rather have the four DCA attractions vs the two TDS attractions even though the TDS attractions would probably win against each DCA attraction if compared individually. Advantage DCA
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